The Laser Tracer was a vehicular-sized laser cannon retrofitted to be carried by a single person. It was mentioned as the "last stand" in Gadgetron weaponry.[1] When fired, the kick and energy produced required the user to stand still. On the receiving end of the weapon, most targets were vaporized instantly. Since it had a fast firing rate, the ammo was used up quite quickly. It had 200 ammo slots, cost 85,000 bolts, and was available on Quodrona.

Behind the scenes

In-game descriptions

Using stimulated emission to highly excited captured hydrogen compounds, the Optical Maser Array forces the resultant amplifying medium into a resonant cavity, capturing the feedback that is created and producing a coherent radiation beam of unimaginable power
―Optical Maser Array's weapon Description  [Size Matters]


Notes and references

  1. During Size Matters, it's said in weapon description

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