This is a timeline of the events in the Ratchet & Clank series. The calendar of Ratchet's universe does not coincide with our own, and holds different months and much longer months than our own, with one month having 135 days. The same days as our own exist in Ratchet's calendar. (Monday, Tuesday, etc.) This timeline is confirmed by the magazines that appear in the epilogue of the Ratchet & Clank (2002 game). However, during pre-release trivia of Ratchet: Deadlocked, alternative calendar formats have been put forward, such as this example. Ratchet is also confirmed to be eighteen years old in his character profile in Jak X: Combat Racing, and due to the close relationship between Insomniac Games and Naughty Dog, this is credible.[1]

Additionally, a Ratchet & Clank 2010 Wall Calendar based on the Ratchet & Clank Future saga was released, and lists several events throughout the year in Ratchet's universe. This calendar uses Earth's months and date layout; however, it is not known if this replaces previous formats used in games, or is essentially simplified and translated from the calendar of Ratchet's universe to our own.[2]

To simplify the timeline, it has been laid out in the format from the magazines of the first game.

Known months

The Ratchet & Clank universe has a total of eighteen known months, although the canonicity of these months is unconfirmed.

  • Aprune
  • Durbomber
  • Fejulary
  • Marchember
  • Mayjune
  • Octogus/Octogust[3]
  • All months of real-world Earth

Full timeline

Eons before the start of the series

  • The Zoni arrived in Ratchet's dimension from their dimension.
  • The Zoni entrusted the Fongoids with time-travel technology. However, over the years, they became overzealous in its use, and this resulted in a rip of the space-time continuum.
  • Orvus and the Zoni began the construction of the Great Clock, to balance the space-time continuum and keep time and space operating.
  • The "explosion" of the Great Clock in the far future (year 5360), caused a hiccup in the time space continum to occur eons before that year, creating the Netherverse.
  • The Technomites invented common technology. (ambigously canon; Size Matters)
  • The Cragmite warrior Bagogg crashed on Toranux and spent years in hiding on the planet, avoiding the malicious Loki. After escaping and returning to Reepor, he destroyed Toranux with a class three planet smasher.
    • Some shards of the Planet Toranux (containing Loki) eventually crashed on Magnus.
  • Sigmund was employed by Orvus as the Great Clock's junior caretaker, leaving his home of Zordoom Prison.
  • The Cragmite Empire launched the Great War, with the Lombaxes being the main defending force against them.
  • The Lombaxes created the Dimensionator, and banished the Cragmites to another dimension.


[4] The Aquatos Sewer War began, and the Galactic Rangers fought against Amoeboids in the planet's sewer network. (Note that this is inconsistent with the fact that Doctor Nefarious created the Amoeboids.)


  • Lombax Trillium miners dug up a Cragmite egg on Kreeli Comet, which later hatched as Percival Tachyon. The Lombaxes adopted him and raised him as their own.
  • Tachyon discovered the truth of the Cragmites. He grew a deep hatred for the Lombaxes, crowned himself as Prince of his species, and employed space pirates to aid him in his conquest of the Polaris Galaxy.
  • Copernicus Leslie Qwark and his brother Quasar Qwark were born. Qwark was raised by monkeys on Florana. He was twenty-six years old during Mr. Bozell's ninth grade biology class, which he attended alongside Nefarious.
    • Qwark's superhero parents died when Qwark was a baby due to faulty equipment created by the Technomites. (ambigously canon; Size Matters)





  • Percival Tachyon tricked the Lombaxes into funding his technology campaign. Alister Azimuth gave the green light for these plans.
  • Tachyon double-crossed the space pirates, and banished them to Praxus Seven. He traveled to Zaurik and bought the Drophyds military services for a massive wealth of Raritanium.
  • Percival Tachyon and the Drophyds double-crossed the Lombaxes, and murdered everything in sight. Ratchet's mother was among them. Kaden fought Tachyon one-on-one, but to no avail. He too was killed. The infants Ratchet who was sent to Solana and Angela Cross who was sent to Bogon for adoption.
  • The Lombaxes used the Dimensionator to warp to the Lombax dimension; however, Alister Azimuth was forbidden from joining them for his accidental role in Tachyon's scheme.
  • Setting up a capital on Reepor, Tachyon conquered nearly all of Polaris. There were only a handful of rebelling independent worlds remaining, who united themselves as "Free Polaris."




  • In the early days of the fifth solarian equinox Qwark claims to have defeated Captain Blackstar aboard his Pirate ship in the prime of his youth. In response to having done this he is awarded a large sum of money.
  • Capatin Qwark fought and defeated his evil twin brother Captain Quasar.
  • Captain Qwark encountered Dr. Nefarious and engaged him in battle, he survived the fight and from then on became the only one to have fought Nefarious and survived.





5354 (Ratchet & Clank (2002 game))

  • Third season of DreadZone begins.
  • Agorian's Humiliate a Race Campaign is still ongoing.
  • Ratchet begins constructing his spaceship, in his dream of exploring the stars.
  • Drek begins polluting Orxon, in order to begin his cash scheme.
  • Doctor Nefarious created the artificial Amoeboids in a laboratory in the swamps of Blackwater City on Rilgar.
    • Nefarious created the artificial Amoeboids in a laboratory on Venantonio (ambiguously canon; Secret Agent Clank).
  • October 26: Clank's Soul was created in the Great Clock. Orvus then visited the planet Quartu, and prepared his creation at the Robot Factory. The factory mainframe gained a conscience and convinced Clank to set out against Drek. Clank escaped in a starfighter, but was shot down over Veldin, crashing into the Kyzil Plateau.[10]
  • Skid McMarx and Skid's Agent crash-landed on Aridia at Outpost X11.
  • Chairman Drek's soldiers were sent to retrieve Clank. Ratchet beat back the invaders and salvaged Clank. Clank awakened and persuaded Ratchet to help him in his mission against Drek in exchange for activating his ship's robotic ignition system.
  • Drek began his campaign to build a new planet for the Blarg, and launched a military invasion and occupation of Novalis. He invites the Planetary Chairman of Novalis to his Flagship to negotiate the extraction of parts of Novalis. The Chairman refused, and was escorted out of the premises.
  • Ratchet and Clank crash-landed their ship into the Tobruk Crater on Novalis. They gave The Plumber some bolts so that he could leave the planet, in exchange for an Infobot. They also rescued the Novalis Chairman, and received an Infobot and the Courier ship from him.
  • Ratchet and Clank traveled to Aridia, and helped Skid escape the Sandsharks. They received a Z3000 Hoverboard from him. They also visited Skid's Agent, and he offered them a prize if they filled in for Skid at the Hoverboard races at Blackwater City.
  • Ratchet and Clank visited Metropolis on Kerwan. They passed Helga von Streissenburgen's fitness course, and bought from her a Swingshot. They additionally bought a Heli-Pack upgrade from Al's Roboshack. They then proceeded to fight the Blarg invaders on the Robot Train and found an Infobot leading them to Eudora.
  • Drek ordered the Robot Lieutenant to steal every tree on the world of Eudora, in order to have enough for Drek's planet. However, these plans were foiled when Ratchet and Clank confronted the Robot Lieutenant, who ran away never to be seen again. The two then destroyed all of the robotic loggers at the site.
  • Ratchet and Clank visited the Blarg Tactical Research Station, and found a Hydrodisplacer and bought a pair of Grind Boots from an engineer they rescued named Fred. They then invaded and destroyed a Blarg warship docked at the station.
  • Ratchet and the Extermibots repel the Amoeboid horde in Blackwater City. Captain Qwark claims that he "defeated" Nefarious's Amoeboid army on Rilgar, though in reality he hid in the woman's restrooms in a nearby Galaxy Burger; however, most of the galaxy, and Nefarious himself, actually believed that Qwark was responsible for the defeat of the Amoeboids.
  • Ratchet and Clank attended the Hoverboard race at Blackwater City, filling in for Skid McMarx. They won the race as well as a Platinum Zoomerator. They then finally found Captain Qwark, who invited them to attempt his gauntlet at his headquarters to see if they were of hero material.
  • Skid's Agent received news that Ratchet won the Hoverboard race for Skid. He awarded him with a Sonic Summoner.
  • Ratchet and Clank passed Qwark's course, but it was a trap. Qwark double-crossed them and unleashed a Blargian Snagglebeast upon them. Ratchet and Clank defeated the monster, while Qwark escaped. After an argument, Clank convinced Ratchet to fly to Fort Krontos at Batalia, which according to an Infobot they found, a Blarg invasion was underway. They switched to Qwark's tour shuttle.
  • Ratchet supported the Commando, but failed when they reached a wall, that could only be traversed with Magne Boots. They left and planned to return later on. Meanwhile, they gave some bolts to the Deserter for bus fair.
  • Ratchet and Clank found the Pilot's Helmet on Gaspar.
  • Ratchet and Clank flew to Orxon, but due to the poisonous environment, Clank had to explore alone. With the aid of Gadgebots, Clank fought his way through the facilities and found an Infobot advertising Jowai Resort, Pokitaru. He then found a pair of Magne Boots.
  • The pair returned to Batalia and fought through the Blargian forces after traversing the barricades with their new Magne Boots. They found a turret, which The Plumber was working on fixing. Ratchet convinced him to allow him to use it to shoot down the Blarg warships. He did so, and the Blarg invasion was critically hindered.
  • Drek occupied Pokitaru, and used the waters of Jowai Resort as a dumping ground. This mutated the wildlife, turning them into ravenous monsters. Ratchet and Clank helped the Jowai Resort Owner reach the Jet Fighter. They then had to buy a Thruster-Pack upgrade to crack the lock to the hangar. Afterwards, Ratchet flew the Jet Fighter and shot down the Blarg warships and Blarg fighters over Jowai. They were rewarded with the O2 Mask. Meanwhile, Fred offered the Persuader in exchange for some Raritanium.
  • Ratchet explored Orxon with his new O2 Mask. He bought Premium Nanotech and Ultra Nanotech upgrades, and then an Infobot informing his soldiers about the PlanetBuster Maximus on Hoven.
  • Ratchet and Clank fixed The Miner's drill, and earned some Raritanium from him. They additionally purchased a Hydro-Pack from Edwina. Later on, the PlanetBuster Maximus launched and began to leave the planet. However, Ratchet managed to pilot a turret and shoot it down just in time.
  • Ratchet returned to Pokitaru and gave some Raritanium to Fred in exchange for the Persuader.
  • Ratchet and Clank attacked the Gemlik Base, where Qwark was awaiting them. After Ratchet and Clank fought to the hangars, Qwark confronted them. Ratchet flew a Fighter Jet and shot down Qwark's ship. Qwark crash-landed into Gorda City, Oltanis. They then switched to the Blarg fighter.
  • Drek commenced his attack on Gorda City, and began to steal the power generators from the city. He then ordered his soldiers to shoot anything that moved. Ratchet and Clank landed at the city, but Clank was struck by lightning. Ratchet explored the city on his own. He bought an Infobot from a a scrap merchant named Sam, met Qwark, who was under the alias of "Steve McQwark" and set up a false Gadgetron shack, and bought a PDA from him. Ratchet also found a Morph-O-Ray
  • Ratchet and Clank flew to Quartu, and helped the Ultra-Mech Scientists there stop the Ultra-Mech threats. Clank volunteered to receive an Ultra-Mech upgrade, allowing him to become gigantic. Clank then destroyed all of the Ultra-Mechs at the facility. They were rewarded with an Infobot informing them of the Gadgetron Site at Kalebo III, advertising the Hologuise, which they would need to enter the Robot Factory. Meanwhile, they found a Bolt Grabber.
  • Drek ordered an attack on the Gadgetron Site at Kalebo III to ambush Ratchet and Clank. When they arrived, they fought through the Blarg forces and were given a Map-O-Matic from the Helpgirl. They also met the Gadgetron CEO and attended a Hoverboard race against Gadgetron Test Dummies. They won the race, and starred in a commercial for a new range of Hoverboards.
  • Ratchet and Clank returned to Quartu, and with the Hologuise, they infiltrated the Robot Factory and met Clank's mother. They learned of the coordinates of Drek's Fleet, and that Drek had constructed the Deplanetizer to destroy Veldin.
  • Ratchet and Clank attacked Drek's Fleet, and made their way to Drek's Flagship. They then learned that Drek had set up the Deplanetizer at Kyzil Plateau.
  • Ratchet and Clank fought their way to the Deplanetizer. Giant Clank attacked Drek's Mech, but Clank was reversed to his normal size. They chased Drek over to the Deplanetizer, and battled him. After cancelling the countdown to fire the laser several times, Ratchet and Clank defeated Drek. Drek accidentally rocketed his Mech skyward into his planet. Ratchet and Clank then fired the laser at Drek's planet, destroying it. After narrowly escaping falling to their deaths, Clank then lived with Ratchet.
  • Qwark began falsely selling his Personal Hygenator under the Gadgetron brand name. Millions were affected by Personal Hygenator Syndrome.
  • Reinforcements arrived at Batalia, finally reinforcing the fight against the remaining Blarg soldiers.


  • 76: A bank seized Qwark's estate.

5355 (Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando) (Six or more months after Ratchet & Clank)


  • Fourth season of DreadZone begins.
  • Agorian's Humiliate a Race Campaign is still ongoing.
  • Captain Qwark begins selling the Personal Hygienator for Gadgetron, which causes lots of people to have skin irritation
  • Qwark is arrested, but escapes from prison by "flushing himself to freedom."
  • Qwark takes up the persona of Fizzwidget, and locks the real one in a closet.
  • Qwark creates the Protopet Menace, and wants to defeat it to become popular in the Bogon Galaxy.
  • Angela Cross, a Lombax who works for MegaCorp, realizes that Fizzwidget has changed and quits.
  • Angela disguises herself as The Thief and steals the Protopet from MegaCorp.
  • While watching Behind the Hero, Captain Qwark, (disguised as Fizzwidget) teleports Ratchet and Clank over to the Bogon Galaxy
  • "Fizzwidget" hires Ratchet to go and retrieve the Top-Secret Protopet from the masked Angela Cross, while Clank gets job as head accountant for MegaCorp. (also stay in a hotel in Megapolis)
  • Ratchet receives two weeks of training, and sets off in his new Star Explorer to Planet Aranos.
  • When he gets to where the Protopet is being held, the Thief takes it and escapes.
  • While the Thief escapes, he calls the Thugs-4-Less to use as security.
  • The Thugs meet him on Oozla where the Thief grabs a map, then heads to Endako to kidnap Clank.
  • Fizzwidget shows Ratchet a recording of the Thief buying a map, and heads to Oozla to try and stop him.
  • On Oozla, Ratchet gains the Dynamo and Tractor Beam.
  • Fizzwidget contacts Ratchet and tells him to take out a Moon-sized jamming array in Maktar Resort Orbit, therefor is stopping their broadcast of the Galactic Gladiators show.
  • The Thief arrives on Endako to kidnap Clank.
  • Ratchet competes in the Galactic Gladiators Show and wins the Electrolyser.
  • Ratchet also learns that the Thief has kidnapped Clank and sets off to rescue him, not before taking out the jamming array.
  • On the way to Endako, Ratchet receives a message from Fizzwidget telling him to check out the Thugs-4-Less Hoverbike race happening on Planet Barlow.
  • Ratchet saves Clank on Endako, and has a Battle with the Thugs-4-Less leader in his Helicopter.
  • Ratchet and Clank head to Barlow and they meet an inventor who was frozen by his own Thermonator.
  • Ratchet takes the Thermonator and the Inventor goes on to work for MegaCorp. (now that Gadgetron is gone in Bogon)
  • After winning in the Hoverbike race, Ratchet and Clank become official members of the Thugs-4-Less.
  • Ratchet and Clank head to the Feltzin System where the Thugs-4-Less were meeting, and they listen in on a transmission with their Leader, and the Thief.
  • They find where the transmission is coming from, then head to Notak.
  • Although they missed the thief, Ratchet and Clank stay behind and learn of Slim Cognito's Ship Shack, and also learn of The Thief's new whereaouts.
  • Ratchet and Clank go to Siberius, and finally confront the Thief.
  • The Thief escapes again, but Ratchet and Clank retreive the Protopet.
  • Mr. Fizzwidget tells Ratchet and Clank to meet him on Tabora to make the transaction.
  • When Fizzwidget arrives, he lands his ship right on top of the Star Explorer, destroying it.
  • So Ratchet and Clank ride back with Fizzwidget, on the back, Fizzwidget "accidently" traps Ratchet and Clank in the middle of the desert.
  • When they get back, the Thief confronts them again. He trips over, then Ratchet finds out that the Thief is Angela Cross. She tells them to head to Dobbo and fix the mess that they have made.
  • After getting their ship repaired by a Mystic, Ratchet and Clank head to Dobbo.
  • On one of Dobbo's moons, Giant Clank faces off with the Thugs-4-Less leader. (Doing this, Ratchet is accepted into the MegaCorp Games)
  • In a secret underground facility on Dobbo, Ratchet and Clank learn that the Protopet is extremely dangerous, and fell that they need to warn Fizzwidget.
  • Fizzwidget doesn't pay attention, but tells them the passcode to enter the Ceep Space Disposal Facility.
  • The Thugs-4-Less are contacted by someone to protect Mr. Fizzwidget.
  • Ratchet and Clank compete in the MegaCorp Games, and get the Levitator, Gravity Boots, and the Infiltrator.
  • When Ratchet and Clank enter the Deep Space Disposal Facility, they realize that Mr. Fizzwidget had given them the wrong password.
  • Fizzwidget keeps refusing to listen and tells Ratchet about his commercial. Clank suggests that they visit the site of the commercial and try to find Fizzwidget.
  • Ratchet and Clank visit Todano, where they find Stuart Zurgo, who yells at them for shaming Qwark, and asks for a Qwark action figure, Ratchet gets an armor magnetisor in return.
  • Also on Todano, Ratchet and Clank receive a message from Angela, who shows them the new commercial for the Protopet.
  • Ratchet and Clank head to Boldan, where they are captured by the Thugs-4-Less, and placed in a prison on Aranos.
  • With the help of a female infobot, Clank helps Ratchet to escape.
  • While escaping, they learn that Angela has been kidnapped by the Thugs-4-Less.
  • While they miss Angela, they find out where the Thug Leader is hiding out.
  • Ratchet and Clank go to Planet Snivelak and defeat the Thugs-4-Less, and free Angela.
  • Ratchet and Clank then head to Smolg, where all of the Protopets are being shipped.
  • On Smolg, Ratchet and Clank find 1/3 of the Hypnomatic Parts.
  • Ratchet and Clank then both visit Planet Grelbin, (Angela's home planet) and get the second Hypnomatic Part.
  • Ratchet and Clank then visit Planet Damosel, where they get the last Hypnomatic Part, and finally get the Hypnomatic assembled.
  • Ratchet and Clank head back to Grelbin, and meet up with Angela who tells them the location of the Protopet Factory, on Yeedil.
  • Ratchet, Clank, and Angela head to the Center of the Factory.
  • That Female Infobot stops them, and shows them a video of Captain Qwark's Protopet plan.
  • Captain Qwark is revealed to have been Fizzwidget the entire time, and he then captures Ratchet, Clank, and Angela.
  • Qwark then broadcasts on live Holo-Vision that he is about to rescue everybody from the Protopets.
  • He blames the creation of the Protopets on Ratchet, Clank, and Angela.
  • Using the Helixomorph on the Original Protopet caused it to grow. The Protopet then proceeds to eat Qwark whole.
  • Ratchet and Clank fight the Giant Protopet, and he spits out Qwark, who spits out the Helixomorph.
  • During the battle, Angela finds the real Mr. Fizzwidget locked inside a closet.
  • Angela fixes the Helixomorph, and they transform the Protopet back to its lovable self.
  • Ratchet fixes the female infobot, and they all head back to Endako to relax.
  • Captain Qwark is employed at MegaCorp, where he develops a liking to their Crotchetizer.

5356 (Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal)


  • Agorian's Humiliate a Race Campaign is still ongoing.
  • Fifth season of DreadZone begins.
  • Shamed and confused by his actions over the last two years, Qwark isolated himself on Florana, and crowned himself the leader of the wildlife, Cyclophic monkeys, and tribals of the Nabla Forest.
  • Ratchet & Clank gained a TV show, Secret Agent Clank. Clank was the main character, a secret agent, and Ratchet was Jeeves, his chauffeur.
  • Doctor Nefarious and Lawrence resurrected their campaign, and set out to destroy all organic life in the galaxy, replacing them with robots. This began with an invasion of Veldin. Nefarious hired the Tyhrranoids in his conquest.
  • Ratchet and Clank saw the Veldin invasion on the news at Clank's apartment on Endako, in the Bogon Galaxy. They immediately warped back to Solana, and assisted the Galactic Rangers in fighting the Tyhrranoid invasion. They had a video conversation with the President Phyronix, who informed them of the Florana Tree Beast, who was the only person to ever face Nefarious.
  • Ratchet and Clank travel to Florana. The Florana Tree Beast cornered them and demanded they take the Path of Death. After passing the Path of Death, they found that the Florana Tree Beast was Captain Qwark. After a fight, they received a call from Sasha Phyronix of the Starship Phoenix, telling the pair that it would be their new base for the near future. Qwark came with them.
  • Qwark and Skrunch were confined to a containment area for the time being. Ratchet and Clank explored the ship, then met Sasha on the bridge. Suddenly, Nefarious attacked Capital City, Marcadia. The President called the Phoenix requesting support.
  • Ratchet, Clank, and the Rangers secured the Presidential compound and its turret system in Operation: IRON SHIELD, rescuing the President. Phyronix then gave Ratchet and Clank a Refractor and guided them through the Laser Defence Facility, in order to restore the planet's laser defense grid.
  • Later that night,[13] Ratchet and Clank competed in Annihilation Nation, and passed the Deathcourse. They were awarded with the Tyhrraguise. Ratchet and Clank then beat every challenge open at the time and won the first Champion Bout.
  • The Q-Force was formed, with Qwark as its leader. The agents were Skid McMarx, Big Al, Helga von Streissenburgen, Sasha Phyronix, the Rangers stationed at the Phoenix, Ratchet, and Clank. Back at the Phoenix, a meeting was held, and the plan of infiltrating Nefarious's Deep Sea Hideout was discussed.
  • Slim Cognito fled to Aquatos after the authorities were chasing him for selling a Suck Cannon upgrade to a minor accidentally, defending himself by saying he looked eighteen.
  • Ratchet, Clank, and Skid fought to the submarine on Aquatos, and met Slim. They browsed his items, and set on their way.
  • Ratchet, Clank, and Skrunch, with the aid of the Tyhrraguise and the BGAMD, worked together to pass security and reach Nefarious's office. Nefarious's was away. They searched the office, downloaded an encrypted Star Map, saw a vast Secret Agent Clank holodisk collection.
  • The pair met The Plumber once again in the sewers. He offered to trade bolts for Sewer Crystals.
  • At the Phoenix, the Q-Force discussed plans to invade the Tyhrranoid homeworld of Tyhrranosis.
  • Ratchet and Clank and the Rangers soared to the surface of Tyhrranosis, and attacked the Korgon Base. The anti-aircraft guns were destroyed, to which they and Skrunch used a Turboslider to move onto eliminating the plasma cannon defense turrets. Finally, the Rangers destroyed the door of the Tyhrranoid's command stronghold, where the Momma Tyhrranoid awaited. Ratchet and Clank fought and killed the Momma Tyhrranoid, but Qwark arrived and tricked news reporters into giving him the credit.
  • Kavu Island was assaulted by Ratchet, Clank, and the Galactic Government in Operation: ISLAND STRIKE. After hours of attempting to deactivate the Tyhrranoid's base camp's defense forcefield, resulting in the death of H26, the island was occupied.
  • Nefarious contacted the Starship Phoenix. Al back-tracked the signal to Nefarious's research and development facility at Daxx.
  • Ratchet and Clank explored the research facility on Daxx. They recovered a pair of Charge Boots. Additionally, they fought and destroyed a Warship, learned of a new deathcourse at Annihilation Nation offering a meet and greet with Courtney Gears, and raided the R&D plant, downloading coordinates and telemetry of the Obani Moons and the Biobliterator.

Notice: The following entries are based on missions that can be completed in any order by the player, and so the following dates are therefore not canon or accurate.

  • Ratchet and Clank attended the deathcourse at Annihilation Nation, and win a Qwark vid-comic. They finally met face-to-face with Courtney Gears. Ratchet's attempt at conversation with Courtney failed miserably, with Clank holding better luck. He arranged an acting role for Gears in the next episode of Secret Agent Clank in exchange for information on Nefarious.
  • Ratchet and Clank won the Champion Bout II at Annihilation Nation.
  • Ratchet, Clank, Courtney, and Skrunch began filming for the new episode at Holostar Studios. Ratchet was fired from his role as Jeeves, Clank's chauffeur, after yet again mistakenly pressing the button for the ejector seat.
  • Skrunch took Ratchet's place as Clank's chauffeur for the rest of the series. Clank, Skrunch, and Courtney begin shooting the episode. Clank chased Maxmillian, and transformed to Giant Clank to battle the Terror of Talos. Clank's Director called the film box-office raritanium, saying that even the critics would love it. Clank then requested information on Nefarious, to which Courtney betrayed him, knocking him unconscious and telling Clank to ask Nefarious for himself. She then took himself to Nefarious's office at an unknown location.
  • Tyhrranoids ambushed Ratchet while he was waiting for Clank at his trailer. Ratchet fought through the parking lots to his ship. He met up with Nefarious's replica of Clank, an agent who was acting as a false double of Clank to infiltrate Ratchet and the Q-Force, named Klunk. The two carried on with the campaign, with Ratchet almost none the wiser. Clank was meanwhile held hostage by Nefarious. Klunk informed Ratchet that Nefarious was aboard a star cruiser, named The Leviathan. Sasha began tracking down the ship.
  • Ratchet, Klunk, and once again, much to their dismay, Skid, began fighting through the Obani Moons in search of any intelligence. They began by reconnecting the satellite network of Obani Gemini, and gunning through the rooftops of Obani Pollux. They met up with Skid, who claimed he turned up late because the "drive-thru at Galaxy Burger was wicked slow." They found that the third moon was protected by an omega-class disintegration shield. Skid decided to stay behind at the entrance station and attempt to unlock the door with his crowbar.
  • Blackwater City, Rilgar was invaded by Tyhrranoid forces. Ratchet and Klunk soared down to assist the Galactic Rangers in reclaiming the city in Operation: BLACK TIDE. Ratchet was given a pair of Gravity Boots after the battle as a token of thanks.
  • Ratchet and Clank returned to Aquatos and retrieved the last of the Sewer Crystals for The Plumber.
  • Skid contacted Ratchet and Klunk, informing them that a space limo parked up next to Skid, with Courtney Gears inside. Skid managed to get an autograph on his T-shirt from her. While speaking with the two, Skid was kidnapped by Courtney in mid-conversation, and taken to Obani Draco for experimentation with the Biobliterator.

End of non-canon, inaccurate entries

  • Ratchet and Klunk stormed through the halls of Obani Draco, and eventually reached Courtney's inner sanctum. They were too late however, as Skid's experimentation was a success, and Skid was completely morphed into a robot. Ratchet and Klunk proceeded to duel Courtney Gears', defeating her in battle, and leaving her to her fate. Sasha called the pair, informing them that she located the Leviathan, and found out that it was refueling at the Zeldrin Starport. Qwark was already flying there.
  • Ratchet and Klunk arrived at the Zeldrin Starport, and recovered the Bolt Grabber V2. They then met up with Qwark and Skrunch, and docked into the Leviathan. After fighting through the Leviathan, they reached Nefarious's office. After a conversation, Nefarious initiated the ship's self-destruct, and Nefarious and Lawrence teleported out of the ship. On the way out, Qwark stayed behind at the office, insisting that he recover something important he claimed to have found, and lied to Ratchet and Klunk that he would meet them back at the shuttle. In reality, he changed his stance on the entire politics of the Galaxy's current situation, as well as himself, and decided to abandon his life as a celebrity superhero. He entered an escape pod and flew to the planet surface. Meanwhile, Ratchet, Klunk, and Skrunch debated whether to wait any longer. Klunk slammed a button on Qwark's starfighter, forcing it to leave with no return, and they left the Leviathan as it detonated and sank to the ground.
  • The Q-Force met at the Starship Phoenix to discuss the next steps. Ratchet predicted that with Qwark's supposed death, Nefarious would attack Metropolis with him out of the picture, with nobody to stop him. The Phoenix and the Q-Force readied themselves for what awaited on Kerwan.
  • Nefarious attacked Metropolis with the Biobliterator, and imprisoned Clank in a cage to have a front row seat at the city, and Ratchet's demise, turning every organic lifeform in the city into a robotic being. Ratchet and Klunk confronted him, only for Klunk to reveal his true colors and regroup with Nefarious. Klunk then transformed into Giant Klunk and fought Ratchet. Ratchet defeated Klunk and freed Clank, and reunited.
  • Operation: URBAN STORM began. Ratchet, Clank, and the Galactic Rangers fought the newly formed armies of robotic Tyhrranoids as they disarmed bombs throughout the city, fought commanders, and downed dropships, saucers, and fighters, finally dooming the Tyhrranoid invasion force, saving the city, and the planet. The Rangers gave him a Map-O-Matic as a token of appreciation.
  • Ratchet, Clank, and Skrunch investigated the Leviathan's crash site on Zeldrin. They found the damning evidence of Qwark's betrayal. They found Qwark's escape pod, Nefarious's Master plan, a warm pocket crotchitizer, and a recorded call log of Qwark's conversation with a Supernova Taxi driver.
  • Operation: DEATH VALLEY was underway. Ratchet, Clank, and the Galactic Rangers fought robotic Tyhrranoid forces in the sands of Outpost X12 and Red Rock Valley on Aridia. Afterwards, one ranger gave him a Warp Pad.
  • Back at the Phoenix, Big Al found a fifth Qwark vid-comic, named "The Shaming of the Q." Ratchet played it, discovering Qwark's truth. They discovered that he could be hiding at his hideout in the Thran Asteroid Belt.
  • Ratchet, Clank, and Skrunch explored the Thran Asteroid Belt, and bought a PDA. They reached Qwark's bedroom, but were blocked and trapped by the security system's doors. Clank and Skrunch sneaked into the caverns through cracks, and disabled the security system, opening the doors. Ratchet, Clank, and Skrunch confronted Qwark. Qwark stated the situation was none of his business, and that it doesn't concern him if a few trillion people are turned into robots. The pair insulted Qwark and left.
  • The Starship Phoenix was attacked by Nefarious, and Ratchet and Clank were called to return and assist in the defense. Ratchet and Clank fought through the hordes of invaders and arrived at the Bridge, and met with the rest of the Q-Force. They revealed that Al cracked the encryption of the datadisks, revealing that vital information on the Biobliterator, and that it was recharging at a base on Koros.
  • Ratchet and Clank arrived at Koros, and discovered the Biobliterator, and an enormous ion battery cannon. Clank hacked the cannon and used it to fire at the Biobliterator, with Nefarious viewing on a camera.
  • Ratchet and Clank arrived at Mylon to confront Nefarious and destroy the second Biobliterator. They arrived at the landing pad Nefarious and Lawrence were waiting at, but were too late and flew off. Sasha and the Rangers picked up Ratchet and chased Nefarious over to the Launch Site.
  • After a long battle, Ratchet, Clank, and the Galactic Rangers defeated Nefarious. Nefarious then activated the second Biobliterator's transformation function, and it became a gigantic robot. Ratchet and Clank fought the Biobliterator with the Hoverships, and succeeded. Nefarious and Lawrence could not teleport away in time, and were inside the Biobliterator when it detonated.
  • Ratchet, Clank, and a myriad of their other acquaintances met at a theater to view the latest episode of Secret Agent Clank.
  • Meanwhile, Nefarious and Lawrence were trapped on an asteroid. Lawrence predicted that a stop would come along in five-to-ten thousand years.

5357 (The Adventures of Captain Starshield, Ratchet: Deadlocked)


  • Agorian's Humiliate a Race Campaign is still ongoing.
  • Baron Masseter attempted to attack Calzon with his planet-sized ship, but his plans were foiled when he and his ship was destroyed by Captain Starshield.
  • Captain Starshield's ship suffered a malfunction and a nav-grid error, sending him to Fractis in the Kavorian Galaxy. After a battle with Cantors and Kragmites, he repaired the ship and took off. He then received a distress call from the Shadow Sector, which was in fact a trap set up by Vox Industries to lure him into DreadZone.
  • Two weeks after his capture, Captain Starshield began competing in DreadZone. On Captain Starshield's first day in DreadZone, he destroyed a year's amount of DZ Strikers. By one week, he reached the rank of Vindicator. By two weeks, he broke and set many records.
  • Captain Starshield was killed in battle by Ace Hardlight.
  • One week later, Ratchet, Clank, and Big Al received a distress call from Quadrant J0713, which was actually a lure from Vox Industries. They were kidnapped by Executioner and taken to the DreadZone Station.
  • Five hours later the preparations were made, and the containment area was set up. Big Al set to work preparing Ratchet's armor and combat bots.
  • Six hours later, Ratchet took and passed the qualification course. Ratchet met up with his combat bots and the rest of Team Darkstar.
  • The new sixth season of DreadZone officially began.
  • Mobius Man was killed in battle by the Eviscerator.
  • Team Darkstar passed the qualification battle in the Battledome.
  • Team Darkstar passed the Catacrom Four course. They hijacked a Landstalker, used it to destroy the fencing for the burial dome, and then finally fought a horde of Robot zombies to stand their ground and confirm victory.
  • Team Darkstar passed the Sarathos course. They fought through the swamps to find a Puma, use it to unlock the gate to the King Leviathan, and eliminate the King Leviathan.
  • ShellShock killed Plutonium Jones, or "The Muscle" in battle.
  • Team Darkstar dueled ShellShock on Kronos, running and grinding rails through the city and facing off against him in several arenas. After rerouting the spotlights and unlocking the entrance, they finally defeated the Exterminator inside the Dark Cathedral.
  • Clank began speaking with Venus, a tech droid on the operations level of DreadZone Station
  • Team Darkstar passed the Avenger Tournament, being the first contestants in the history of DreadZone to climb the Tower of Power.
  • Team Darkstar passed the Shaar course, taking down defensive shields to destroy the ancient Temple of Shaar.
  • Team Darkstar passed the Orxon course, destroying mining drills and the entire Blargian mining facility, and then rescuing the spectating DreadZone fans from a toxic gas release.
  • Venus began helping Clank deactivate the Deadlock collars.
  • Team Darkstar passed the Crusader Tournament, after halting the detonation of his own Deadlock collar, and killing Reactor in battle.
  • Team Darkstar passed the Valix Belt course, reactivating the Valix Lighthouse.
  • Team Darkstar passed the Torval course, destroying an Ace Hardlight statue at an Ace Hardlight toy factory, and finding an escape shuttle underneath the statue.
  • Team Darkstar passed the Vindicator Tournament, after surviving a bombing run from a fleet of Dreadnoughts, and killing the Eviscerator in combat.
  • Big Al managed to deactivate Clank's Deadlock collar, but their victory was to be short-lived, as Ace Hardlight invaded Team Darkstar's containment area and shot Al unconscious. Clank was forced to put his collar back on. Al was then taken away by an ambulance ship.
  • Team Darkstar passed the Stygia course, restoring power to the planet's Tempus Station and restoring the planet's defense shield.
  • Team Darkstar passed the Maraxus course, after Ratchet fought to rescue his combat bots from cells throughout the prison.
  • Team Darkstar passed the challenges of the Liberator Tournament.
  • Ratchet defeated Ace Hardlight in battle, and afterward, Ace rethought his life. DreadZone pretended he was dead.
  • Ratchet was offered to become the new captain of the Exterminators, the star of DreadZone, as well as a myriad of merchandise deals. Ratchet refused.
  • Team Darkstar passed the Ghost Station course, otherwise known as the Gauntlet of Doom. The station was destroyed by them afterwards, unusable for all eternity.
  • Big Al was given a robotic body on his left side, and sent back to the containment area.
  • Big Al and Clank discovered that the Battledome transport shuttle could be hacked to take Team Darkstar to the Battledome's Control Level, and that this area held the generators for the station's containment fields and escape shuttles.
  • Ratchet, Merc, and Green invaded the control level and were caught by Vox. He wired the station with six gigatons of nitroglycerin with a ten-minute timer. It could only be shut off if Team Darkstar destroyed all of the generators in time. And they did so. All three of the generators in the area were destroyed within ten minutes.
  • Ratchet fought Gleeman Vox in the Battledome Arena, and defeated his mech. Vox activated the station's self-destruct feature with a sixty-second timer as a last resort, but also to receive more ratings for the two of them to die together on live holovision, as the pair believed for all of the escape transports to have left. However, one final escape vessel arrived. It contained Clank, Venus, Al, Dallas, Juanita, Merc, Green, and the three kids. Ratchet stepped into the ship and picked up Slugha with only five seconds remaining. Clank removed Ratchet's collar and threw it into space in time. The DreadZone Station exploded, leaving Vox to die alone live on holovision. Ratchet's shuttle received calls from Hydro Girl, Kid Nova, Qwark, and other individuals.
  • Nefarious and Lawrence's asteroid passed the DreadZone Station just thereafter exploded, much to their dismay after they discovered they were coming within range of it.
  • Ace Hardlight was imprisoned at Zordoom Prison.
  • Big Al went on to found and lead the Ratchet fan club.
  • Dallas and Juanita went on to host the new show named Juanita and Dallas. They both staged a fake marriage for the show; however, unbeknownst to everybody else, Dallas swapped for a real priest.
  • Venus gained a part in a new episode of Secret Agent Clank, named "For Your Optical Sensors Only."


  • Agorian's Humiliate a Race Campaign is still ongoing.
  • Doctor Nefarious and Lawrence's asteroid finally reached a destination, crashing down to the Tobalia Village on Zanifar. Along the way, Nefarious dropped his wallet which tumbled down to Mukow, and had a malfunction in the presence of space pirates in the Corvus Sector. The local Fongoids worshiped Nefarious as a God, and began to obey his every whim, starting with the construction of the Tombli Outpost.
  • Nefarious arranged a meeting with Orvus, which was secretly a trap. He then kidnapped Orvus and interrogated him, demanding information on entering the Great Clock's Orvus Chamber. He refused, and vanished into thin air. Ratchet later went back in time to investigate Orvus's disappearance but was forced to retreat when Nefarious discovered him but not before giving Nefarious a scar over his eye with a bomb.


5359 (Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction)

5360 (Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest for BootyRatchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time)


5360/61/62 (Ratchet & Clank comic series)

5362 (Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One)


5363 (Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault) (Six or more months after All 4 One)


5364 (Ratchet & Clank: Before the Nexus, Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus)

  • Ratchet, Clank, Cronk, Zephyr, and Talwyn become members of the Polaris Defense Force in addition to Talwyn becoming a captain of the force.
  • Twins Vendra Prog and Neftin Prog violently assault Pollyx Industries and kidnap a number of Terachnoids including Pollyx with the aid of the Thugs-4-Less and Nefarious' Nefarious Troopers. Because of this, Vendra was captured by Ratchet and Clank after they shot down her M-class star cruiser, but Neftin was still reported missing as he escaped the incident. Vendra was given a quintuple life sentence and placed in cyro-sleep for six months.
  • Ratchet, Clank, Cronk, and Zephyr offer to take Vendra to the Vartax Detention Center on the Nebulox Seven Prison Ship. After waking Vendra up, she took over the ship but was eventually subdued by Ratchet and Clank.
  • Neftin, along with Thugs-4-Less, attacked the ship and freed Vendra. After capturing Ratchet, Clank, Cronk, and Zephyr, Vendra detonated the ship. Luckily, Ratchet and Clank were sucked into space but were forced to watch as Cronk and Zephyr were left on the ship to die.
  • After the ship was destroyed, Ratchet and Clank were forced to run from the Thugs and hid inside a ship. The ship then unknowingly transported the duo to planet Yerek in the Zarkov Sector. After arriving, Ratchet and Clank gave the news of Cronk and Zephyr's demise to Talwyn and were determined to avenge the warbots.
  • Talwyn explained that the Zarkov Sector was abandoned 20 years ago due to a "haunting" and was given an Alpha-9 classification. She also mentioned that Vendra and Neftin were also evacuees.
  • Ratchet and Clank soon explored the Meero Ruins and encountered ghostly creatures. While exploring the ruins, they rescued Pollyx's assistant and rescued him from Thugs. After defeating the Thugs, the duo were given a Grav-Tether which they used to access Meero City Center.
  • With Talwyn's aid, Ratchet and Clank infiltrated the Thugs-4-Less Outpost in Meero City. After fighting through the forces, they found a Infobot containing a commercial for Destructapalooza on planet Kragg.
  • The duo then headed through Azeril Caverns and found Pollyx in his lab. Pollyx outfitted Clank with a Rift Cracker which allows him to enter the Netherverse. This allowed Ratchet and Clank to realize that the ghosts that they were spotting were actually Nether creatures.
  • After leaving the caverns, the duo headed towards Meero Orphanage. Along the way, they picked up Holo-Diaries that were made by Vendra when she was living at the orphanage. As they read the diaries, they learned that the twins had a terrible childhood at the orphanage. They also learned that the twins encountered a being known as Mr. Eye who told the twins that they were actually Nethers. Ratchet and Clank also learned that the twins were responsible for the evacuation of the Zarkov Sector so that they could experiment to find a way to release Mr. Eye and that the Nether Rifts were caused by the Fongoids' misuse of time. As they approached the orphanage, they encountered a Voltanoid guarding the orphanage. The Voltanoid was quickly dealt with.
  • As the duo explored the orphanage, they went into the caves below the orphanage. They soon saw that Neftin and Vendra have constructed a crude version of the Dimensionator. The twins used the Dimensionator to release several Nethers and Ratchet and Clank soon saw Mr. Eye, who was actually the Leader of the Nethers, through a rift. Ratchet and Clank soon learned that the twins were doing experiments on planet Silox but before any action could be taken, they were spotted by Mr. Eye and forced to flee.

Events taking place at unknown points in time (Ratchet & Clank: Going Mobile, Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters, Secret Agent Clank)

Important Note: This is ambiguously canon information. These events are from spin-offs.

Going Mobile

  • Ratchet and Clank were invited to view some Bio Matter Converter technology; however, it was accidentally activated during, and the two were warped inside a Secret Agent Clank vid-comic. They rode through several infolinks and arrived at the Communication Station.
  • They contacted Big Al for help, he told them of the Macro Corporeal Geo Fragmention Ion Negator (MCGuFIN), and flew over to the vid-comic's location nnd used the Bio Matter Converter technology to teleport the MCGuFIN inside the vid-comic. However, it malfunctioned and blasted into six pieces by a power surge. Ratchet and Clank started tracking down the components.
  • After collecting all the parts and reassembling the MCGuFIN, they returned to Communication Station to inform Al. He told them that to activate it, they needed access to a special infolink in Maxmillian's office.
  • After bribing Maxmillian's bouncer, they discovered that Maxmillian has already left. It seemed he had used the same infolink they needed to activate the MCGuFIN with, and was headed for the link between the vid-comic world and the real world where he could finally escape into the real world and wreak havoc. They sought to confront him, and after many dead-ends, they then faced him; where he revealed that he was leading them into a trap all this time in order to kill them and take the MCGuFIN.
  • After defeating Maxmillian and his security cannon, Ratchet and Clank at long last, activated the MCGuFIN by sliding down the appropriated infolink, and prepared to transport themselves back in an unknown place in the analog world.

Size Matters (at some point after Up Your Arsenal)

  • Ratchet and Clank go on vacation to Jowai Resort on Pokitaru. A girl called Luna came and asked to take photographs of him fighting some robots nearby. He agreed.
  • Luna was captured by Technomite forces, and taken to an unknown destination. Ratchet and Clank recovered a Technomite Artifact, and chased after Luna, with Qwark tagging along with them, to their dismay.
  • Ratchet and Clank arrived at a Technomite temple on Ryllus. Qwark stayed at the ship to trace his family while the others searched the area. Qwark was caught on camera looking for his family, and Otto Destruct tricked him by setting up a fake website with Qwark's family. Meanwhile, Ratchet and Clank fought through the temple and discovered a Technomite map room, and discovered that Luna was taken to Kalidon.
  • Ratchet and Clank met the Skyboarders on Kalidon, and beat them in races in exchange for a Shrink Ray and bolts.
  • Ratchet and Clank fought through the Technomite facility on Kalidon, killed an experimental creature named Mungo, and found Luna. However, she turned on them and was working for the Technomites. The two were knocked out by robots and Ratchet was sent away to Medical Outpost Omega, while Clank was sent to Junkyard LXIV on Metalis.
  • Clank took part in Robot War III, a Destruction Derby on Metalis. He won every challenge and became the champion. Afterwards, Skrunch arrived at the junkyard and informed Clank of Ratchet's situation. He transformed into Giant Clank and flew off into space to the Medical Outpost. After fighting through a Technomite fleet, he arrived.
  • Ratchet had a strange dream during his surgery. In the dream, he encountered odd hallucinations of characters and enemies from the past games, including Drek. Once Clank was able to find him and wake him, they went to destroy the space station. While looking at Luna's last entry, they discovered Luna was on planet Challax. Before they left, the Skyboarders met up with them again and challenged them to a rematch for a Polarizer. They won the match and the device.
  • After landing on Challax, Clank transformed into Giant Clank and flew into space to destroy the Technomite orbital facilities above Challax. Afterwards, the two explored Technomite City and fought off the army, and finally fought a dropship. They then discovered that Luna was actually a robot, sent and programmed to capture Ratchet and Clank. Luna flew off into space and Ratchet and Clank chased after her.
  • Arriving at Dayni Moon, Clank entered and became the champion of a destruction derby. The two then chased after Luna and fought her. They discovered that the Technomites were cloning Ratchet to make an army of Ratchet clones. Luna used a ship that was also a gigantic combine harvester during the fight. She was defeated; however, Clank was disabled while trying to hack Luna's databanks. Ratchet used the Shrink Ray to go inside him and reactivate him. The Technomites invaded his body.
  • Ratchet worked with Clank's security backup and defeated every Technomite inside Clank's body. Clank's auxiliary switch was switched on and he came back to life. They found out that the cloning plant was on Quodrona, and set off there.
  • They arrived at the cloning plant on Quodrona and fought through Otto Destruct's armies and met up with Otto. After confronting Otto, they discovered his plan was to transfer the intelligence of the most intelligent beings in the Solana galaxy to himself to become the most intelligent being in the universe.
  • Ratchet and Clank began fighting Destruct and his Ratchet clones. After defeating the clones and performing an ensuing firefight with Destruct, Qwark arrived and was tricked by Destruct that he was his son, and was ordered to attack Ratchet and Clank. Destruct shrunk Ratchet, Clank, and Qwark, and chased after them. Ratchet shot Destruct's Shrink Ray, bringing him and Clank back to normal size. However, Destruct increased his own size, with Clank proceeding to transform himself into Giant Clank. After a long fight, Destruct found his Shrink Ray again and was about to shoot Clank with it when suddenly the tiny Qwark hopped onto Destruct's foot asking for a piggy-back ride. While attempting to shoot Qwark with the Shrink Ray to bring him back to normal size, he accidentally shot himself. Ratchet and Clank chased after Otto Destruct and held one final battle.
  • After Destruct was defeated, Skrunch arrived, giving Clank a newspaper article on Qwark's parents, discovering they were heroes who were killed by defective Technomite equipment. Enraged, Qwark placed Destruct into the intelligence chamber and placed himself into the other end intending to swap his brain with Destruct's. Destruct, Ratchet, and Skrunch worked together to stop Qwark. Qwark was forced out of the machine and Skrunch held onto the chamber, glitching the process, allowing Skrunch to retain his mind and Destruct to obtain Skrunch's mind, becoming another family member. The group then left to Pokitaru.
  • The Ratchet clones became a toy named Battle Ratchets, and also kept Qwark company until the effects of his shrinking wore off.

Secret Agent Clank (at some point after Size Matters)

Important dates



  • 4th: Sasha Phyronix's Birthday
  • 18th: Universal Hug-a-Cragmite Day (also on Martin Luther King Jr. Day)


  • 15th: Captain Qwark Glorification Day (also on US President's Day)
  • 19th: Wear your Stunderwear to Work Day


  • 2nd: Bring Your Domesticated Blargian Snagglebeast to Work Day
  • 9th: Nefarious' Birthday
  • 9th-11th: Amoeboid Revolution (Historical footnote indicates that the revolution was brought to an abrupt halt when it was discovered table salt turns Ameboids in gooey sludge)
  • 15th: Skid McMarx's Birthday
  • 21st: Semiannual Blargian Bathing Day


  • 1st: Captain Qwark's Birthday (also on April Fool's Day)
  • 4th: Annual Grunthor Egg Hunt on Sargasso (also on Easter)
  • 11th: Tachyon Appreciation Day (the day Ratchet and Clank crash-land on Cobalia)
  • 12th: Big Al's Birthday
  • 22nd: Temporal Paradox Awareness Day (also on Earth Day)


  • 14th: Polaris Independence Day (When Ratchet vanquished Tachyon)
  • 17th: Semiannual Blarg Stink-Off and Hopscotch Competition


  • 13th-19th: Intergalactic Protopet Awareness Week


  • 4th: Intergalactic Gratious Consumption Day, sponsored by MegaCorp.


  • 1st: Courtney Gears' Birthday
  • 19th: Talk Like a Space Pirate Day (Likely derived from our Talk Like a Pirate Day)
  • 24th: Blarg Poetry Appreciation Day



  • 8th: Rusty Pete's Birthday
  • 11th: Captain Slag's Birthday (also on Veterans Day/Remembrance Day)
  • 17th: Semiannual Blarg Stink-Off and Hopscotch Competition


  • 1st: Annual Kerwan Rocket Sled Race (also on the first day of Hanukkah)
  • 12th: Kerchu Immunization Week
  • 19th-24th: Intergalactic Cragmite Preparedness Week

Notes and references

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  5. Galactic Ranger dialogue on Aridia during the challenge "Assassination": "This reminds me of the battle of Amochi Mas back in '23, when we took on an army of Ghost Pirate Robots with nothing but a Qwack-O-Ray and a half-charged Crotchitizer."
  6. Ratchet was born in this year, as earlier referenced, where he was listed as being eighteen years old in Jak X: Combat Racing.
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  15. Sigma 0426A: Doctor Nefarious spent over a year trying to hack in but he was never successful.
  16. Kip Darling: Joining me via satellite are Ratchet and Clank, the two heroes who defeated Doctor Nefarious over two years ago.
  17. At the beginning of Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault, in the Starship Phoenix II, Qwark states he is disappointed about the lack of fighting for the last six months.

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