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Time Pads

Two different Time Pads, each one with a recording

Time Pads were platforms which Clank used in the Great Clock to bypass some security programs.[1] Clank could perform several actions while he was on a Time Pad. Time pads could come in four different colors: blue, green, yellow, and red.


A Time Pad had the following options:

  • Record (starts recording an action)
  • Delete this recording (deletes the recording Clank has made on a single time pad)
  • Delete all recordings
  • Hint (gives Clank a hint on how to solve the current puzzle)
  • Skip puzzle (skips the current puzzle but it cost Clank the reward, bolts, and could prevent Clank to earn some skill points)
  • Exit (exits the Time Pad)


The Time Pads can be controlled by pressing and holding the Template:Icon button and then selecting an option with the left analog stick, like the Quick Select menu.

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