A time bomb was a time-slowing weapon that could be thrown from the Chronoscepter.[1] Time bombs created a large sphere of blue quantum energy, which slowed down anything inside the sphere. Only one time bomb could be active at a time due to the amount of quantum energy they released. It was very similar to the time-slowing abilities the Zoni granted Clank in Tools of Destruction.

Clank used time bombs to slow down obstacles and attacking enemies in the Great Clock. When Ratchet and Clank were reunited, Clank could throw time bombs from Ratchet's back.

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Pollyx: "Project File 1171-Z: the Time Bomb. Our sages discovered a specimen of this rare Zoni device in the Corvus Sector and have been studying it extensively. Each bomb appears to contain a finite amount of quantum energy, capable of inhibiting the passage of time. Unfortunately, our sages used the last of the samples to stop their mother-in-laws from coming home in time for the holidays. This setback was cataclysmic and the project has since been terminated."[2]


  • In A Crack in Time it could be added to the Quick select, but if Ratchet took out his wrench and then pressed R1 or Circle he would switch to the previously used weapon.
  • The spheres of quantum energy created by a time bomb appear to be scaled-up Nanohealth Orbs .
  • According to Pollyx in its weapon preview video, several of these were discovered in the Corvus Sector and studied by Pollyx Industries Sages, but all the samples were used up to stop the Sages' mother in laws from coming home for the holidays. The Terachnoids believed this setback to the research of the Time Bombs was cataclysmic and have terminated the Time Bomb project since then.
  • Insomniac Games originally intended time bombs to be used to get past certain puzzles in the Nefarious Space Station, but they were frustrating to game testers, so the puzzles were cut out.
  • Time bombs were originally going to be Clank's special weapon in All 4 One, but they were replaced by the Zoni Blaster.[3]



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