Snivelak Thugs

The Thugs-4-Less Headquarters, also known as Thugs 4 Less Corporate HQ was a massive fortress located on planet Snivelak. It was bought with the money the Thugs-4-Less had gained from their "hit" jobs. The HQ is arguably one of the most well guarded locations in the game, it's security and defenses far surpassing those of the Thugs-4-Less Prison.

To gain access to the fortress, Ratchet and Clank had to cross the fortress' bridge, which was heavily defended by Thugs-4-Less Tanks, Elite Hencnmen and Brutes. Once inside, Ratchet had to venture through the facility facing the best the Thugs-4-Less had to offer, including the vicious Thugs-4-Less Attack Choppers.

Battle with the Giganto Mech

Giant Mech

Ratchet fighting the Giganto Mech

The Thugs-4-Less Leader knew that Ratchet and Clank were closing in on him, and so that he prepared a Giganto Mech, holding Angela Cross hostage inside the huge machine. Ratchet's weapons proved useless against the Giganto Mech, so that he had to use the turrets located on top of the HQ's buildings. After an intense battle, the Giganto Mech overloaded and it's legs exploded. Ratchet and Clank then freed Angela Cross. Angela gave them information regarding the MegaCorp Distribution Center on planet Smolg, and told them about her days as a MegaCorp geneticist. Due to the fact that the Thugs-4-Less Leader did not appear after his defeat, many presumed that he was dead.


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