The Thugs-4-Less Fleet was a small but fearsome fleet operated by Thugs-4-Less in the Bogon Galaxy. It was
Thugs Fleet Ship

Ratchet facing one of the Thugs-4-Less ships

made up of four very powerful gunships that were escorted by endless waves of starfighters. They were leaving a MegaCorp Distribution Center when Angela Cross infiltrated and spied on the fleet. However, due to some bad circumstances and her terrible cat impression, she was captured and taken to the Thugs' base on Snivelak. Ratchet and Clank tracked down this fleet to Planet Gorn in a failed attempt to save her.

After an intense battle above the surface, Ratchet and Clank annihilated all of the ships in the fleet, sending the Thugs-4-Less leader into a fit of rage.

One of the bonus missions on Gorn is destroying the ghost of one of the gunships, which mysteriously came back to life.
Thugs Fleet

Angela Cross transmitting from the Thugs-4-Less fleet