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The Thugs-4-Less Elite Henchmen were larger class of henchman armed with a Thrasher Cannon. They are not as powerful as the Class II Brutes, but still should not be taken lightly. They are frequently found patrolling Silver City, and will come out of windows (when you traverse the sides of the buildings) Also, they were found in teams of three on Snivelak, hiding behind the hover tanks and warping in with the Class II Brutes. Be careful when killing them, as they sometimes fire a stray shot upon expiring.

Unlike regular henchmen, they were a pale green in color and wore armor. Also unlike the regular henchmen, they had a different growl when hit.

In a certain area of Silver City two of these henchmen could be seen continuously playing Rock-Paper-Scissors. The henchman that won or lost was completely randomized. It was very simple to tell who has won; the winner would make a cheering expression while the loser would slump down in shame and play again. They would keep playing and playing until they were interrupted by Ratchet.

Other information

A Thugs-4-Less Elite Henchman appears as one of the playable characters in the Up Your Arsenal mini-game Bombs Away.