Send in a gunship! I want Ratchet's head on a pike and his robot turned to scrap!
Neftin Prog  [ItN]

Thug Fighters, also known as Gunships, were Thugs-4-Less vehicles designed to level enemy forces from the air.


Thug Fighters had attacks similar to that of the Thug Leader's chopper.

Thug Fighters were armed with twin rapid-fire laser cannons, missile launchers, and an electro beam which either headed in a straight line or spinned in circles.


Gunship (Thugs-4-Less)

Ratchet and Clank battle a Thug Fighter with the aid of a GrummelNet Jetpack outside the Sky Train Station in Weeblesnog City on planet Silox

Ratchet and Clank encountered three Thug Fighters in Weeblesnog City, on planet Silox: one beyond the Weeblesnog Water Works, another by the Relay Station, and a third outside the Sky Train Station.

Later, a large Gunship was found crashed on a small mountain in the Hagrow Swampland on planet Thram. There were creatures living near the wrecked ship and a key for the Gadgetron vault was located inside it.


Encountered on

Behind the scenes


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