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You incompetent reptiles!
Vendra Prog  [ItN]

Thugs[1] were a race of lizard-like creatures in the Bogon Galaxy. Their home planet was Snivelak and most of them worked for either Thugs-4-Less, or as MegaCorp Gladiators.



Thugs are a bipedal, reptilian species with a tail, two legs with three toes and two arms with three fingers. They are primarily carnivorous, and possessed sharp, serrated teeth. Thugs' skin color varied greatly, mostly green, purple or blue. All Thugs had two red slit eyes without pupils. Their heads tended to be pointy with lizard/crocodile-like jaws in the front, either with or without lips. Chainblade and the Thug Leader had more humanoid mouths and behind their head is rounder in overall shape. Chainblade not only had these features, but also had a humanoid posture, lacked a tail and was much larger.

Into the Nexus (02)

A Thug in Into the Nexus

Dietary information

Thugs-4-Less cafeteria contained Choochi Bars which were repeatedly stolen by some of the Thugs. They also sometimes ate burgers after completing missions.

Notable Thugs


  • Ratchet & Clank 10th Anniversary Limited-Edition Poster Series

Notes and references

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