The Thran Asteroid was the location at which Qwark hid after escaping from the lair of, and the return of Nefarious. Filled with Qwark Bots, Lawn Ninjas, and forcefields, the icy getaway was virtually impenetrable. The belt was very cold and the second anyone fell in the water, they were frozen solid. There were very high cliffs scattered everywhere and large dead-looking trees. Qwark had a small bedroom on top of an icy cliff with a bed, change screen, clothes hanger, a picture of Qwark's "Q" symbol, and a closet.

Characters on the Thran AsteroidEdit



  • Despite being an asteroid, it strongly resembled a planet.
  • It shares the same background with Grelbin, but green, probably because both planets have a cold climate.
  • The level where Clank goes is not right after the crack where Ratchet stands. It is an inaccessible for Ratchet area on another location on the same map.


If the player went to the gravity boot path to get the PDA, then they could hear a music changing sound (music-sound which plays for a second when the music changes in different levels) but without the music actually changing. Then, if they listened to the whole track and pressed Triangle, the music would stop playing at a specific point (exactly the same point the music stops playing in HD version) and the track playing on Obani Draco would begin. As long as the player was holding Triangle, the track kept playing for one time and it would then stop playing at the same spot the music stopped in the HD version. Then, no music could be heard until the triangle button was released, thus listening to the levels track. This glitch apparently revealed that the Obani Draco soundtrack was intended to play at this part of the planet.