You got here just in time Sarge. Looks like the 'noids are getting ready to attack from those tunnels.
―A Galactic Ranger.  [UYA]

The Tunnels of Outpost X12 was one of the Galactic Ranger missions of Operation: DEATH VALLEY on Aridia. It involved making the way to Red Rock Valley and taking the Hovership.[1]


Ratchet and Clank arrived on the planet in time to help the Galactic Rangers who were pinned down at their base.[1]

Mission objective

The main objective was given to Ratchet and Clank as: "Tyhrranoids are attacking the Ranger base at Outpost X12. Defend the base and clear the tunnels of enemy troops."[1]

Defending the Galactic Rangers' base

Incoming! Waste those Tyhrranoids.
―A Galactic Ranger.  [UYA]
The Tunnels of Outpost X12 Rangers and Ratchet defending base

Ratchet and Clank with the Galactic Rangers defend the base

When Ratchet and Clank first arrived the Galactic Rangers were pinned down at their base behind defensive barricades waiting for the Tyhrranoids to attack through the tunnels. After defeating the first Ultra Mecha-Tyhrranoids and Three-Eyed Robonoids Ratchet advanced into the tunnel.[1]

Clearing out the tunnel

The Tunnels of Outpost X12 Ratchet defending clearing tunnels

Ratchet and Clank clear our the tunnels of Tyhrranoids

Leaving the Galactic Rangers to defend the base, Ratchet and Clank moved into the tunnels.[1] Firstly they had to clear out more Tyhrranoid forces defending the other side of a small bridge.[1] While Ratchet picked of the Tyhrranoids several One-Eyed Robonoids crossed the bridge in an offensive maneuver. Ratchet advanced into a building next to the tunnel where several Ultra Mecha-Tyhrranoids and Three-Eyed Robonoids were waiting.[1] After defeating these forces Tyhrranoid Saucers and One-Eyed Robonoids came in from the Red Rock Valley entrance to the tunnels, attempting to flank Ratchet and Clank. A Tyhrranoid Dropship blocked the path through the valley and poured fire into the tunnel. Ratchet destroyed the forces and exited the tunnels into Red Rock Valley where the Hovership was waiting.[1]


Good thing the Rangers were here to pull your tail out of the fire, hey Sarge?
―A Galactic Ranger.  [UYA]

After Ratchet and Clank saved the Galactic Rangers and assisted them in clearing out the tunnels they used the Hovership to provide air support for the Galactic Rangers who had been ambushed.[1]


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