Terror of Talos

The Terror of Talos was a huge reptilian creature which Clank fought during a Secret Agent Clank (Holo-Vision) shoot. The Terror of Talos was armed with rocket launchers and had the ability to fly. Despite his fierce appearance, he was merely an actor for an episode of Secret Agent Clank.

Other appearances

Secret Agent Clank

Qwark's retelling of his fight with a giant monster to save a city was just Qwark blatantly copying Clank's battle with the Terror of Talos. In the story for his biography that B.A.R.N.E.Y. was writing in Secret Agent Clank, he even inexplicably grew to a giant size much like Clank could and fought giant ninja's, exactly like Clank did.

Boss Strategy

The Terror of Talos is not a difficult boss to defeat. The boss' attacks consist of: firing rockets from the launchers on its arms, punching Clank if he's close enough, summoning giant robot ninjas, and breathing fire when low on health. Talos will occasionly attack from the air; Clank can use his missiles to shoot him down. Otherwise, just keep punching Talos until he is defeated.