The Shaming of the Q Vid-Comic

This is the true story that Qwark hoped few would never see. The unauthorized, uncensored and utterly unbelievable missing chapter of the Qwark Comic Series. Viewer discretion is advised.
Slim Cognito, UYA

The Shaming of the Q was the "unauthorized, uncensored and utterly unbelievable" fifth and secret Qwark vid-comic. It took place in Nefarious's Ice World.


Picking up where the ending of Deja Q All Over Again left off, after dumping Nefarious' head in a trash can, Qwark was knocked out from behind by Lawrence with a mallet. After Lawrence retrieved Nefarious' head from the trash can, the latter had the unconscious Qwark captured and took him to his frozen lab. Qwark soon woke up in a suspended cage, told by Nefarious that he will soon face punishment. When Nefarious and Lawrence left, Qwark used his antenna as a lockpick to open the cage door. Upon Qwark's escape, Nefarious had the entire base flooded with boiling acid, leaving Qwark in a race against time to escape from the lab.

After Qwark escaped from the facility, he temporarily dropped out of public view due to his fear of backlash by Nefarious; he stayed in secrecy at his base on the Thrann Asteroid. When Nefarious failed to return, Qwark returned to the spotlight. However, Dr. Nefarious was soon repaired and began planning his next attack, although the repairs were not exactly perfect. Lawrence had placed Nefarious's head on backwards; "What's going on‽" shouted the doctor. "Where are my arms‽ Whose butt is this‽" Lawrence apologized for his mistake, but Nefarious screamed at the butler, causing the doctor to malfunction and freeze as he began to pick up radio signals of soap operas. "We'll have to get that fixed," said Lawrence. Then he chuckled, saying, "One of these days."


  • Only four issues of the Dr. Nefarious series of Qwark vid-comics were published according to Big Al (not even his friends at the Qwark Cadets Fan Club had ever heard of it), and Qwark desperately tried to keep this comic from being released.
  • This vid-comic uses a different style of comic graphics in its opening and ending cinematics to those of the previous issues, representative of its unauthorized status.
  • The narrator of this vid-comic bears a voice that strongly resembles that of Slim Cognito. It is clear that it is the same voice actor, but whether this is Slim is unknown.
  • Courtney Gears briefly appears in this vid-comic in the intro, in which Qwark makes out with her. This is before he realizes he's kissing a skeleton in a dungeon.