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Well shoot my dog and call me Sally! Thanks, partner!
— The Miner, after Ratchet fixes his drill., R&C

The Miner was a big and bulk construction worker that Ratchet and Clank encountered while on planet Hoven. Ratchet fixed his drill, which kept jamming each time he attempted drilling a piece of Raritanium. Upon Ratchet's suggestion, the Miner thanked him by giving him the valuable mineral which Ratchet used, to trade for the Persuader with Fred back on planet Pokitaru.

In Up Your Arsenal, the Miner made a cameo appearance in the last scene, which showed him attending the premier of the Secret Agent Clank film.

Despite having more of a blue-green skin color, thanks to his spikes and build, the Miner was most likely part of the Solanian race, native to the galaxy. Like the other natives of Hoven, he had a thick country accent.