The First Million is Always the Hardest is a gold trophy awarded in Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One. It is obtained when 1,000,000 bolts are banked for one player.


The trophy requires that you have the bolts on you at once, and that bolts picked up cumulatively do not count. Farming bolts to these numbers is quite easy if you play high revenue levels with lots of players.

The quickest way to earn bolts is to join a lobby with four players in Uzo City, as each segment can give each character an average of 150,000+ bolts. The more characters you play with, the higher the bolt potential is. Playing through these levels will eventually bank one million bolts.

It is best to complete this trophy before attempting to buy and upgrade all the weapons, such as in the For The Zombie Apocalypse and Upgraded trophies.


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