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Vox News

Dallas and Juanita presenting Vox News

Dallas and Juanita

Dallas flirting with Juanita on live HV

Vox News, also known as Pox News in the European version of the game, was the official news station and holonet website for information on DreadZone. Anchormen Dallas and Juanita read out the latest updates on fights, deaths, and new contestants during Ratchet's time at DreadZone.

Vox News logo

Vox News had been known to twist the truth according to Gleeman Vox's will, usually praising Ace Hardlight and putting up bad reputations, notably about Ratchet, whom Vox News claimed him a "Mafia Crime boss who hated sunshine, puppies, and chocolate."

Vox News met its end along with DreadZone itself when Vox set the Battledome to self-destruct as a final test for Ratchet. Dallas and Juanita take the opportunity to deliver a much more honest and humble view on the action when they realize Ratchet is their only hope of survival. Ratchet succeeds and ultimately leaves Vox to die aboard DreadZone Station, while Dallas and Juanita escape with all of the other survivors.


Sports News

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Sports Update

Entertainment News

Galactic Glamour

Action News Update

Behind the scenes

  • In the European version of Ratchet: Deadlocked, Ratchet: Gladiator, 'Vox News' was known as 'Pox News.' The reason for this change is unknown.
  • Vox News was a parody on Fox News.


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