According to the database, these creatures are known as Tharpods. They're a peaceful race that worships nature.
Zephyr  [A4O]
Lousy hippies!
Cronk  [A4O]

Tharpods were an amphibian/turtle like species native to planet Magnus. According to Zephyr, they respect nature and their pet Critters. They have some sort of relationship with them, as stated by Dr. Croid. When Ratchet first arrived on Magnus, they appear to be a tribal race rather than a star-faring race. It is learned later they were a decently advanced race, but after the rise of the Minions, they become oppressed, losing their cities and villages to them, forced to live in small towns, prone to being thrown out at any time by the Creature Collectors to make more room for their animal pens.


Suzie's friends

Two young Tharpods

The Tharpods lived in relative peace on their homeworld with nature, caring for some such as Critters.Comments from Dr. Croid seem their relationship with a number of critters allowed the Loki to use them to advance the Tharpods for the Loki's benefit in use in restoring the mighty Loki race. Since Tharpods can live so long, they might be an ancient race. Despite being fairly advanced, the Tharpods appear to be somewhat recent space-farers as their ships have trouble reaching Phonica Moon which orbits their planet. The Tharpods also seem to have limited contact with other races. They apparently met the Grummels working for GrummelNet, but since Ephemeris raid on Uzo City, the Tharpods have not traveled any farther then Phonica Moon. With the Ephemeris raid on Uzo City, the Tharpods have become nomads on their own homeworld. Rements of Tharpods that survided the numerous raids make living in primitive camps and bombed out cities. Often they must around as Collectors make room for more animal preserve. While most Tharpods just struggle to survive, some such as Susie, a Tharpod child sabotage Collectors bases, though this only annoys Commander Spog. Dr. Croid managed to hold out unlike the rest of the Tharpods, and managed to resist Collector forces. For example, Phonica Moon is completely under the control of Dr. Croid. Also Terawatt Forest is also still under control of Dr. Croid as well, despite numerous attempts by the Collectors to capture.

Known Tharpods


Concept art - Tharpod People

Concept art of the Tharpod people

  • Presumably they have very long lifespans, as Dr. Croid was able to work on destroying Ephemeris over the past 100 years.


QForce skin - Tharpod

Tharpod skin on the blue team in Full Frontal Assault

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