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With its patented titanium technology, this armor is guaranteed to block 33 percent of all killing damage or your money back!
MegaCorp's description about Tetrafiber Armor  [GC]
Tetrafiber Armor was a blue colored armor that cost 25,000 bolts. The armor used MegaCorp's patented titanium technology to absorb up to 33% of damage. It was combined with tetrafiber and tianium alloys.
Tetrafiber armor psasbr

Tetrafiber armor in All-Stars

It was produced from various materials across the Bogon Galaxy, and developed by fashion experts from planet Endako.[1]


  • The Tetrafiber armor is available by pre-ordering PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. It was known as the Commando Suit in-game.
  • The Tetrafiber Armor was the first armor available to Ratchet not only in Going Commando, but in the entire series.



Notes and references

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