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The Testing Facility, also known as the MegaCorp Testing Facility, was a facility on planet Dobbo that was used to test MegaCorp's many gadgets and weapons to find out if they were too dangerous for civilian use.

Some of the products that were deemed too dangerous to sell after testing at the facility were the Nuclear Mouse Trap, the Tiny Tots Slingshot and Lawn Ninjas.

Shortly after finding a ship off Tabora, Ratchet and Clank explored the facility in search of information about the Protopet. The facility was heavily guarded.

Ratchet & Clank's exploration

Some point shortly after finding a ship off Tabora, Ratchet & Clank landed on Dobbo and went to explore the facility to find more information about the Protopet. They used a teleporter near to their ship to enter the facility. The teleporter took them into the facility and specifically into a large corridor.

Making their way through the facility

After teleporting into the facility they were in a corridor of the facility. Each side of the corridor was filled with an orange acid that injured those that made contact with it. Immediately after teleporting they fought against several MegaCorp Sentinels and Blade Balls in order to progress through the corridor. They then continued through the facility destroying a MegaCorp Security Turret, several MegaCorp Troopers, Chickenbots and even a MegaCorp Hover Tank that were defending the facility as part of the defence mechanisms. Throughout the corridors several ammo crates and Nanotech crates were stored.

Computer terminal

What? Now even the computers are charging us? This galaxy blows…
— Ratchet upon discovery a 10,000 bolt charge for the computer terminal, GC

After destroying the Hover Tank Ratchet used the Swingshot to reach a high ledge and then the Dynamo to gain access to a platform which took them to a computer terminal and a second teleporter which led back to their ship. Upon trying to activate the terminal they found the power was out for the sector and Ratchet called a Maintenance bot. The bot clumsily arrived and went to fix the power, Ratchet & Clank then decided to follow the bot and fix it themselves.

They then jumped off the ledge using the Glider to glide through the corridor and follow the Maintenance bot. After gliding through the corridor and avoiding many objects positioned throughout the facility, they reached the power point. Using the Electrolyzer they re-established power to the facility and used another teleporter to return to the computer terminal. After trying to access the core terminal Clank determined that it required a 10,000 bolt charge to be accessed.

After paying the 10,000 bolts a MegaCorp testing video by Doctor James T. Fullbladder was played showing the dangers of the Protopet and recommending it be destroyed at the Deep Space Disposal Facility. Clank reported to Ratchet that they were the first person to access the video so that they contacted Abercrombie Fizzwidget who agreed to meet them at the Deep Space Disposal Facility at the Hrugis Cloud and he gave them the password "Qwarktastic" to use. Ratchet & Clank then used the teleporter to return to their ship.

Appearing in the Testing Facility during Ratchet & Clank's exploration





Nanotech upgrade

A Nanotech boost can be found floating at the top corner of the large room where the Glider is launched into. When standing on the glider pad it can be seen in the left corner.

Platinum bolt

A Platinum bolt can be found floating in the large room before the glider lands at the Electrolyser power point. It will be on the right as the glider enters the room.


  • There was no acid in the beta version of the game. Instead, there were some cyan, probably hot bars.
    • If looked closely, the light reflection effect on the acid is a pattern. The exact, much smaller pattern is found on most of the water surfaces in the previous game.
  • Getting the Nanotech boost and the Platinum Bolt will make the glider launch pad disappear, thus making the Electrolyser area inaccessible.
  • The testing facility can be accessed by using bugs. One can get on and then fall under the large building on the planet.
    • It's also possible to beat the level without going through most thereof with that.
  • The music that plays in the level can be heard in Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal Multiplayer as well.


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