Test dummy
Test dummy (re-imagined)
We've outfitted these dummies with Gadgetron flamethrowers. Our lawyers are totally cool with this
Qwark  [R&C (PS4)]
Artwork Character Test Dummy

Test dummies were robots manufactured by Gadgetron Corporation on which to test new products, such as weapons.

Ratchet fought against multiple Test Dummies outfitted with Pyrocitors in the Galactic Rangers tryouts. Several test dummies could be seen inside the Pokitaru Tiki Lounge and Karaoke Bar; however, they were harmless and would not attack unless the player attacked them. While on Kalebo III, Ratchet and Clank fought their way through the Test Dummies as well as the Blarg at the Gadgetron Site trying to get to Wendall Lumos office. The Dummies could also be seen sitting in the bleachers as the audience while in the Hoverboard races on Rilgar and Kalebo III.


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