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A Tesladrone charging to attack

Tesladrones were robotic cannon fodder created by Tachyon's Empire that charged toward their targets in an attempt to shock them with their electrified arms. They were often used for basic enforcing purposes, keeping weak aliens under Tachyon's control. They were occasionally seen in Imperial invasions such as the invasion of Kerwan. More irritating than deadly, Tesladrones posed a minor threat even when found in numbers. A single swing from Ratchet's OmniWrench destroyed a Tesladrone. They were; however, more deadly then the Blarg's Scout Bot, as they moved and attack faster then them.

Encountered on


  • Upon spotting an enemy, they would activate their sirens as they chased their enemies. If one hit Ratchet, it would make a stranger siren wail as it jumped in the air.


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