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Used by Elite Cragmite Assassins during the Great War, this historical armor contains triple-stitched Werthog scales plated with durable raritanium! Absorbing up to 55% of all damage, Terraflux is a must-have for experienced warriors looking to conquer the universe!
GrummelNet's description about Terraflux Armor  [ToD]

The damage reducing Terraflux armor was used by the Elite Cragmite assassains during the Great War. This historical armor contained triple-stitched Werthog scales plated with durable raritanium. The armor absorbed 55% of all damage. It was told to be very flexible but still robust.

Ace Hardlight wore this armor once.[1]


The Terraflux Armor was a black, silver, and shiny green armor. It had a helmet with a green tinted visor, a dark gray chest plate with a large, green symbol, including two knives coming out under the arm, silver sleeves and armguards, and layered pants, without gloves.


Notes and references

  1. Mentioned by the Armor vendor before purchasing the armor (also said with every other armor).

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