The Terawatt Forest was a jungle which was full of trees and animals. It had mushrooms, plants, and birds. It was home to many types of Critters, as well as Razormoths, Shard Beasts, and Anthropods. There appeared to be small Minion presence as Croid's Forces controlled most of this jungle, protecting his Hall of Paradoxology.


The landscape features a few cliffs with waterfalls and a lake. The plants try to eat the heroes, but they cannot with a light. The flowers and grass are all over and giant rocks that smash branches. The branches are mostly bare but grow fungi around them with leaves that are orange and black. The sun gleams down with the trees.




The Terawatt roll


  • A Terawatt is a measure of Wattage. A Terawatt is equal to 1 trillion watts.


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