Terachnoid sage

Terachnoid Sages were one of the most intelligent creatures of the universe. They were sages of the highly acclaimed Terachnoid race of planet Terachnos.[1] Mentioned in the Infobot about the IRIS supercomputer, 170 Sages were equivalent to the IRIS. This meant the Terachnoid Sage had the average IQ of 17,647,059. Ratchet did not encounter them in any way, as they were purely mentioned in the HoloVid show, named the Polaris Compendium of Historical Importantness.

Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time

Pollyx mentioned "3 brained terachnoid sages" in an advert for Pollyx Omnitech.


  • G'Narlax Frahm was possibly a Terachnoid Sage as he was known to be the most intelligent Terachnoid.[2]


Notes and references

  1. Mentioned by Pollyx in an advert for Pollyx Omnitech.
  2. A Crack in Time Galactic Trivia

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