Planet Stygia, its a world ravaged by continual meteor storms. Why if not for Stygia's powerful defense shields, the entire planet would be decimated in a matter of hours! But someone dismantled the shield's power supply! Who would do such a horrible thing to the poor people of Stygia? I don't know, but it sure makes for good reality HV. He he he.
Gleeman Vox.  [Deadlocked]

The Tempus Control Station lied way above the surface of Stygia. Its responsibility was to provide an energy shield that would protect the planet from frequent meteor showers. DreadZone had the shield generators turned off and made the control station a challenge for Team Darkstar to bring the shields back online. Also, multiple lightning rods were floating around the station, to draw in the electricity from the lightning storms that would often happen. It was presumable that the electricity gathered from the lightning was used to power the control station.


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