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Ever smell a Telepathopus brain? Smells like cotton candy. Weird, huh?
— The Brain Scientist, to Ratchet, on the scent of a Telepathopus brain, PS4
Artwork Character Telepathopus

Telepathopus concept art

Telepathopi were large creatures that roamed the vast Lava Fields on planet Gaspar. Coral Telepathopi resided in the oceans of Pokitaru. True to their name, they are octopus-like creatures with telepathic abilities similar to the psy-tcopuses.


The Blarg Scientist asked Ratchet and Clank to go out and collect 10 Telepathopus brains in exchange for a Jetpack. He also gave Ratchet an infobot in exchange for 20 more Telepathopus brains. These creatures are located throughout Gaspar. Some flew around normally, while others would hide in the lava with their heads sticking out. There were also some in the field trapped by the Blarg Scientist. Destroying their unborn offspring would get Ratchet one Telepathopus brain, while taking down the fully matured creatures would get Ratchet three Telepathopus brains.

There are more than 100 Telepathopus brains to find on Gaspar. After Ratchet had collected the Jetpack and infobot, the Blarg Scientist would give bolts in exchange for the brains. According to the scientist, their brains smell like cotton candy.

It is recommended to use the Predator Launcher against the Telepathopi.


Telepathopi had the ability to use their brain power (which is similar to their counterparts Psytopi) to attack their opponents with telepathic energy.

They would roar at those who attacked them as well.