Technomite Dropship

The Technomite Dropships were ships used by the Technomites to transport their robots throughout the galaxy.


The Technomite Dropship first appeared on Pokitaru in a dropship. The Guard Torsos attacked the resort in search of Luna, while the Droship destroy several of the buildings nearby. They then took her to Kalidon in their ship.


While Ratchet explored the Technomite City on Challax, a Technomite Dropship attacked him. After a perilous chase, Ratchet fought the Dropship near the hangar where Luna was stored.


  • The whole setup of Ratchet jumping across platforms, while avoiding the Dropship's laser attacks before reaching the arena to fight it, was similar when Ratchet had to jump across a series of floating platforms before facing the Warship, in Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal.
  • It is possible that the Dropship Ratchet and Clank destroyed on Challax could've been the same one on Pokitaru. However, since the duo was shrunk down when they explored the city, this is unlikely.