Technomite Car

A shrunk down Ratchet, inside a Technomite hover Car on Quodrona

Ratchet in the hover car.

The Technomite Hover Car was a vehicle used for transportation by the Technomites. It was a very small circular vehicle, that could fly.


The Technomite hover car was a grey-purple oval shaped vehicle with two red benches lined up in front of each other to sit in. It had four cylinder-like shaped attachments at each at each four of its sides, which could have possibly been engines or another technology that made the hover car fly. In the back, there was another yellow object which helped make the hover car fly. In front of the vehicle was a yellow circular panel, that was possibly a headlight.

Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters

Use by Ratchet

Ratchet and Clank had found and used two Technomite Hover Cars in his adventure to defeat Emperor Otto Destruct.

When Ratchet and Clank landed on Challax in search for the Technomite City, they could not find it. Ratchet soon got frustrated and started hurling random rocks into the desert. By accident, Ratchet mistook the Hover Car for a rock and was ready to throw it, when Clank quickly pointed out it was not a rock. Ratchet put it down, and shrunk himself and Clank using their Shrink Ray. They then used the Hover Car to find the Technomite City.

After completing the level, Ratchet could anytime re-enter the Technomite city, by shrinking himself and jumping into the hover car. If he would ever like to leave the city, one of the ways would be to re-enter the hover car.

Later, when Ratchet headed for Quodrona in search for Otto Destruct's Ratchet Clone Factory, Clank spotted another Hover Car. Once again, they shrunk themselves to fit inside, and the Hover Car brought them to the factory.

Whenever Ratchet landed his ship on Quodrona, he automatically shrunk himself and Clank then entered a hover car, which brought him to the entrance of the factory. If he wanted to go back to his ship, Ratchet had to re-enter the hover car, which would bring him to his ship.


  • Since there was no visible steering wheel or visible navigational computer, it was unknown how the Hover Car brought passengers to its locations. It was possible it was pre-programmed to bring passengers to pre-determined destinations, but this was unlikely.
  • Strangely, in the game Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters, in cut scenes, the hover car had two red benches in front of each other where Ratchet and Clank sat, but when there were on a level, the hover car was empty, with no seats.