The Technomite Dreadnaughts were some of the most powerful and largest Technomite spaceships Clank ever encountered. He, in the form of Giant Clank, destroyed at least two of these spaceships in space.


Technomite Dreadnaught

Giant Clank encountering a Technomite Dreadnaught

The Technomite Dreadnaughts were large light green warships, with wings on the sides. They were very large, possibly the largest Technomite spaceships ever created, and most powerful of all Technomite ships, each guarding a Technomite Orbital Facility. They had many weapons including Laser Cannons and two types of missiles, one orange-brown and one red. On the top of the hull, there were three of what appeared to be satellite dishes; under those were large hangar doors, from which smaller ships could emerge, in order to defend the Dreadnaughts in critical situations. 

Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters

Clank encountered one Technomite Dreadnaught in his Mech-form in a Technomite Orbital Facility above Metalis. He also encountered another one in another Technomite Orbital Facility over Challax. Clank destroyed both of the Dreadnaughts after many hits, gaining a piece of Electroshock Armor from both of them as his prize.