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A4OBoss 1

A Tank Minion preparing to strike

Tank Minions[1] were gigantic, heavily armored brutes found in Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One. They were led by Commander Spog. One notable Tank Minion was called Mr. Perkins. Tank Minions were minions of the Creature Collector much like Sentry Minions and Cleaner Minions.[2]

Weapons and abilities

Tank Minions attacked with their dual laser cannons by sweeeping a laser beam across the room. They also attacked with timed mines. Mr. Perkins was an elite Tank Minion who shot two beams at once, and had the ability to generate a shield, which made him impervious to the characters' attacks. The only way to deactivate the shield was to conduct a mortar slam on nearby switches, which created a shockwave and temporary cut off the shield's energy. Tank Minions were also too dangerous to fight hand-to-hand as they could stomp the ground and create large shockwaves. Once the Tank Minion's armor was destroyed, it could be finished off with a mortar slam. In the snowy regions of planet Magnus, the armor color of these foes is no longer the normal bronze color, instead it's a dark purple which is stronger than the normal bronze versions.

Known Tank Minions

A4OCombat 2

A shielded Tank Minion


Notes and references

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