Agorian Talon

Talons were Agorian dropships that could deploy enemies and fight Ratchet. Shaped in almost an animal-like way (with small bodies, curved wings and a large curved tail at the end), they were a threat in many different forms.

Like Nefariousdropships, they summoned Agorian warriors via teleportation. After dropping off its load of armed troops, they may have left or attacked Ratchet using laser cannons installed on its front side.

Occasionally, they would throw a surprise attack by soaring above Ratchet and dropping a few bombs. In Krell Canyon, a few Talons would directly attack Ratchet by firing their cannons at him. These particular Talons had a different tint of red.

Talons first appeared in Krell Canyon on planet Lumos.

Elite talon

Elite Talons are upgraded versions of standard Talons. They have yellow coloring rather than red, and look like an animal, with wings and a tail. They drop off troops via teleportion. Some act as dropships, occasionally remaining stationery to attack, while others act as bombers, and can be seen flying around during the invasion of Gimlick Valley.

Elite Talons can drop off Agorian Phalanxes, Soldiers, Warriors, Crushers, Hunters, Grenadiers and Blademasters. They are stronger, faster, and larger than normal Talons.