For the weapon, see Synthenoid (weapon).

Mr. Zurkon, a Synthenoid

Synthenoids were robots deployed as a defensive weapon. They were known to be used in weapon lines. They usually hovered round the users' shoulder and provide cover fire for them. The Synthenoids which the Bogon giant, MegaCorp, produced traveled in packs of fours. The MegaCorp Synthenoids could upgrade into either Kilonoids or Ultranoids.

The Polaris-based weapons company GrummelNet also manufactured a synthenoid in their Combat Device line. This Synthenoid, named Mr. Zurkon, was a lone droid who would trash-talk his enemies while destroying them. GrummelNet also re-released Zurkon in their basic weapon line, this time with several possible upgrades, Zurkon the Destroyer, Elite Mr. Zurkon, and Alpha Zurkon. In Into the Nexus, Zurkon would be assisted by his wife and son upon upgrading.

Notable Synthenoids


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