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Synthenoids are a weapon manufactured by MegaCorp in Going Commando. It launches four defensive Synthenoid robots which fly around Ratchet and fire energy blasts at enemies. Synthenoid ammo cannot be replenished with ammo crates. While its ammunition is twelve, four Synthenoids are deployed at once, depleting four Synthenoid ammunition.

Synthenoids could be purchased upon reaching Notak at a vendor for 65,000 bolts. It could be upgraded to the Kilonoid with use, which launches flaming bombs as well as energy blasts. In challenge mode, the Kilonoid could be upgraded to the Mega Kilonoid for 450,000 bolts, and the Ultra Kilonoid with use.

Additionally, other types of Synthenoids appear in later games, in the form of Mr. Zurkon and his family. These are also defensive robots that float by and defend Ratchet by firing at enemies, though they come with a personality and are manufactured by GrummelNet.


Synthenoids are small, silver and dark blue humanoid robots. Their left arm has a weapon rather than a hand, and their face is an orange and red screen. The Kilonoid is a red robot with a much thicker body.


Four Synthenoids are deployed at once, and will hover around Ratchet, firing at enemies they come in range with. A Synthenoid will fade away once its energy blasts have been depleted. Its energy blasts have a decent rate of fire and do good damage over its lifespan. Sythenoids are therefore very versatile, and good against all types of enemy. Synthenoids primarily serve a defensive purpose, providing strong firepower as a supplement to any other weapons Ratchet wields on his own. Despite their low ammunition which cannot be replenished with ammo crates, there is often no need to conserve ammunition, as they will often last very long.

The Kilinoid is even more powerful than the Synthenoid, being able to throw out flaming bombs in addition to its energy blasts. Like the Synthenoids, the Kilinoids are useful in all instances, particularly for defensive purposes.

The Synthenoids functioned similarly to the sand mouse from Ratchet & Clank. However, they were far less limited in their use, with no reliance on the Sonic Summoner.

Behind the scenes

During the battle with the Mutant Protopet, if it eats an ammo crate, it has a chance of spawning its own Synthenoids but with a darker color scheme. This is despite the fact that ammo crates do not contain Synthenoid ammo, and may be a glitch.

In the Weapons section of the Help screen, the Kilonoid's entry has Ratchet's name lowercased, whereas it is capitalized on all other entries.