The Swamp Monster I was a hostile, mysterious creature encountered on planet Oozla. It was a large mature presumably male Mutant Swamp Beast, and presumably the mate of the Swamp Monster II that lived in the caverns near the MegaCorp Outlet.


Swamp Monster Male

The Swamp Monster, in addition to various other beasts in the mucky habitat on Oozla, was responsible for the deaths of many MegaCorp employees working at the local MegaCorp Outlet. The monster, living beneath the muck, kept itself largely hidden, attacking its prey with its two large tentacles from beneath. After eating a number of employees, the beast faced exploring Lombax, Ratchet, on a platform just outside the outlet, blocking his entrance. During their fight, the monster only revealed its eye stalk and twin tentacles, extending them from under the muck and attempting to smash the Lombax with its tentacles. After dealing a sufficient amount of damage to the beast, Ratchet defeated it, causing it to sink into the mud and allowing him access to the outlet.


  • Fred, the being inside the Rift Inducer 5000's portal, bore a resemblance to the Swamp Monster.
  • It is unknown if it is similar in appearance to, or the same monster as the Swamp Monster II because if you glitch underneath the swamp, no torso and claws are visible. This is because no model was made for the rest of it.
  • If you look the monster's information from Monsterpedia, it will say that you have killed 3 Swamp Monsters instead of one. This is probably caused because the game counts the Swamp Monster's visible body parts (tentacles and the eye) as different enemies.