Susie and the Elder

Susie and a Tharpod elder

Susie (previously known as Scamp) was a small and young Tharpod girl that befriends Ratchet, Clank, Qwark, and Nefarious.


Early Childhood

"Susie is not my daughter. I'm afraid her parents were lost during the Ephemeris Raid on Tortem Fi. Like many children here, she is an orphan."
―--Tharpod Elder mentioning Susie's past.  [A4O]

Susie was a little Tharpod girl who lived in a village in the Meadows of Tortem Fi with her two loving parents. She's a Galactic Scout with numerous badges and her own flying ballon she uses to travel with when she is being a Galactic Scout. At some point after the Minions had raided on Uzo City, Minions led by Ephemeris raided Tortem Fi, which resulted in the death of her parents. Since then she, an older Tharpod and numerous other Tharpods were relocated here and there by Minions building creature pens.

Meeting the Heroes

"Who put you up to this? Was it that meddling Tharpod girl, the one who's been sticking gum into all of my machines!‽?"
Commander Spog refering to Susie.  [A4O]

She saved Ratchet, Clank, Qwark and Nefarious from the sorting facility on the edge of Aldaros Plains, allowing them to escape using the Vac-U 4000. After escaping, she lead them towards her village, where she was captured by a Gravoid. After chasing the Gravoid to save her, the heroes found Susie stomping on the Gravoid's body. They went back to the village where Ratchet mistook the Tharpod Elder to be her father. She was then revealed to be a young Tharpod orphan, who lost her parents in Ephemeris' attack on Tortem Fi. She tried to lead an assault with two fellow Galactic scouts, but Ratchet stopped her, saying that attacking Ephemeris won't bring her parents back. He convinced her and her two scout friends to guard the perimeter where it was safe.

Creaturebox 3d suzie

3d model of Susie

Behind the scenes

Susie was played by Cristina Pucelli, who has experience in video game roles.

The IMDb article for All 4 One calls her "Susie Skeebow", meaning that "Skeebow" may be her surname. However, this hasn't actually been verified by Insomniac Games.


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