Planet Stygia, a beautiful world with pink sand beaches, friendly service, and giant meteor storms pummeling the surface!

Stygia was a planet plagued by meteor showers, probably from the nearby Valix Belt, that were only held in check by massive forcefields. If these shields were to fail, Stygia would be destroyed within mere hours. Gleeman Vox turned the forcefields off and sent Ratchet to turn them back on. The Lombax succeeded. During Ratchet's visit to the Tempus Control Station, a fierce lightning storm was brewing as well as the meteor shower. Stygia might be more like earth down from the mountains. As described he Dreadzone team, it had lovely beaches. It also looks like an earth look from space, suggesting there is more to this supposed solid heap of rock.



Stygia has always been regarded as breathtaking beautiful world, filled with lovely beaches and massive mountains that rise above the clouds. Unfortunately sometime in its history, Stygia soon became plagued by continual asteroid impacts to such a degree that Stygia would be completely destroyed if allowed to continue. The Stygians built themselves Tempus Control Station, which repelled incoming asteroids, saving Stygia from utter annihilation. The value of the station prompted the creation of the Knights of Tempus, who defended the station from those that wished to destroy the station. Like any other planet in the Shadow Sector, Stygia did not recognize the Solana Galactic Government as its ruling body.

Unfortunately for the Stygians, Vox's goons captured the Tempus Control Station, and deactivated the planetary shields, allowing hundreds of asteroids to bombard the planet; all just for higher ratings on DreadZone. Ratchet, Merc and Green attempted to reactivate the shields, but things got complicated with the DreadZone warriors' constant attacks against the squad and technical issues encountered when reactivating the shields. However, with Clank's guidance, Team Darkstar managed to reactivate the shields, ending the asteroid bombardment of Stygia and saving millions of lives in one fell swoop.


Stygians: Stygians are the natives of Stygia, creating the massive Tempus Control Station to protect Stygia from falling asteroids.




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