Static midge

A group of Static Midges

Static midge

Concept Art of a Static Midge

Static Midges were small red robots who lurked around planet Fort Sprocket working for Kingpin as they hack the foundry and vault systems. They had a horn for a mouth and a claw for a right arm. The horn allowed them to call for back up from other robots if one spots Clank, the claw allowed them to attack with electricity as it surrounded them randomly when chasing Clank. They have appeared in both Clank and Gadgebot missions. Their home planet was Metalis.

Known Static Midges in Fort Sprocket

  • Electric Steve
  • Static Mollary
  • Big Shoes Bill
  • Rusty
  • Randy McRustsalot
  • MSX-2600
  • RSX-4598
  • Static Hillary
  • Shocky McShock