Starship Signature 909 Delta,[1] alternativley simply called Lawrence's ship, was a ship created and given to Lawrence by Nefarious. He used this ship to travel back in forth between the Nefarious Space Station and the Great Clock. The ship was a saucer with a green cockpit like other Nefarious's Ships but could rotate, was armed with a powerful beam cannon and could detach from the rest of the ship if need be.

The ship was much bigger than a Nefarious Dropship but much smaller than a Nefarious Carrier. Not only could it carry Lawrence and Nefarious, it also contained dozens of Microdrones that could aid their master. While refuelling at the Nefarious Space Station, Ratchet and Clank confronted the Doctor and duelled while Lawrence flew the ship away to prevent from getting harms. After the Hypernova Defense Laser destroyed the ship dock that Lawrence's ship had refuelled, Lawrence flew the ship close enough so Nefarious could board it can head toward the Great Clock. Luckily Ratchet and Clank managed to board it too and the duel continued. Nefarious ordered Lawrence to do something at the sight of Ratchet and Clank on their ship. Lawrence activated the Auto-Pilot and attacked by using the cockpits Beam Cannons on them. The fight continued as Nefarious kept fighting, Lawrence kept shooting and summoning Microdrones to aid their master. After while the ship's computer warned that they were heading toward the Nefarious Space Station and Lawrence couldn't turn off the Auto-Pilot for the ship. His warning about the ship's course fell on deaf ears and Nefarious told him to "figure it out." After Nefarious was defeated, he was too broken to fix the ship and Lawrence left by engaging the Escape Shuttle. Ratchet and Clank were saved by Azimuth just before the ship smashed into the Nefarious Space Station causing Nefarious entire station be obliterated. Nefarious was presumed to have died with the ship, but this was proven untrue as Lawrence had teleported him just in time.


Notes and references

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