By shooting mimic plants you can make them follow you. Then by using it to water electro-soil the plant will hop in and transform itself into a platform, a creature. Whatever you need!
Professor Sprout, the inventor of the gadget  [Size Matters]

The Sprout-O-Matic was an electronic watering can that nourished Mimic plants that grew in Electro-soil. Ratchet could spray them with water from the gadget which made the plant follow him until they were planted in Eletro-soil. To do this, he would near a patch of Electro-soil, add a little water, and stand back to let the growing begin. Over-watering a plant will kill it, bring into mind a solution when Ratchet planted something in the wrong spot.

Depending on the plant there were several different forms and colors a sprout could take. A plant could become a vine that grew bombs as a fruit, a throwing plant that would grab Ratchet when he hit it and throw him across the level, a ladder structure, or a spring platform that bounced when jumped on.



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