For what purpose are you here? Is it to destroy my factory? To "save" this planet? There is no saving this planet. Magnus belongs to the master!
— Commander Spog, A4O

Commander Spog was a warbot who commanded the vast Minion armies and Ephemeris, waging military campaigns against the peaceful Tharpods on planet Magnus and abducting alien wildlife across the universe for his master. A true military leader with a warrior code of conduct with and added cruel disposition, Spog was not to be trifled, especially since he was armed to the teeth with a hodgepodge of deadly weapons.[1]

Spog 2.0

The Spog 2.0 trophy

A hidden bronze trophy is rewarded when Commander Spog is defeated.


Ahh, interlopers. You weren't on the master's list! Small and weak and fragile bodies. You are of no use to him!
— Commander Spog talking to the heroes., A4O

Spog served as The Loki Master's right-hand robot and the commander of the Bouncers and Tank Minions. He first encountered Ratchet and the gang in Aldaros Plains, where he was ordered to send a Cobalian Octomoth to kill the heroes, much to the Commander's annoyance as he was going to retire in three weeks and he felt like a day-old minion.

He next encountered the group at his factory, located in sector three of the N.E.S.T He immediately declared them as interlopers with small and weak bodies who were not on The Loki Master's list. Deeming them to be useless, he ordered his security computer, Steward, to divert them through the steam channel to the N.E.S.T Rehabilitation Center. The gang managed to make it out alive, resulting in Spog summoning reinforcements. When the reinforcements were defeated, he ordered Steward to send all remaining troops to deal with them. With the bulk of his troops defeated, he summoned Mr. Perkins, an elite Tank Minion, to kill them. When Mr. Perkins was destroyed, he ordered Steward to send more troops. But Steward told them that the troops were too afraid to fight them. Frustrated, he told her to lie and say that it was instead a party. Ratchet and the gang managed to fight their way through all of his troops.


As the highest ranking warbot on site, I hereby declare you enemies of the master! Prepare to do battle!
— Commander Spog confronting the heroes., A4O

Pushed to his limit, Spog decided to deal with them personally, engaging the group in a fierce battle. Although he proved to be a formidable opponent, the group managed to defeat him, damaging him to the point where his voice modulator was broken. Clank then made the commander a deal: Tell them how to defeat Ephemeris and Nefarious would fix his voice modulator, much to the doctor's reluctance.


Spog, honoring his end of the deal, told them to seek out Dr. Croid at the Terrawatt Forest.[2]

Spog later reappeared to help the gang reach the core of Ephemeris to confront the Loki Master, stating that he decided to retire early. He makes a request that they would destroy Steward if the gang succeeded in defeating him, finding her to be annoying. His fate after the events of the game is unknown.


Commander Spog was fiercely loyal to the Loki Master. He was depicted as a ruthless, cunning and violent villain, possessing little comedic elements, similar to Artemis Zogg. He undervalued Ratchet and the gang, perceiving them as "small, weak and fragile", claiming that they were of no use to the Loki Master. Spog also had an extreme amount of pride, demonstrated during his fight with the gang. He claimed to have never lost a battle and, even when sustaining extreme damage, refused to give up. Despite these negative traits, Spog also seemed to follow a sort of honor code, which was demonstrated once when he willingly told them about Dr. Croid and again when he helped them reach the core of Ephemeris.

Weapons and abilities

Commander Spog proved to be a formidable opponent for the heroes. Spog has the ability to fly, which seems to be his only means of travel due to his lack of visible legs. In battle, Spog's hands can change into a variety of deadly weapons, a similar ability to Slag. Spog can fire lasers from his hands, turn his hands into large hammers to smash opponents and can fire saw blades from his hands. Spog can also rain down timed bombs.


Spog attacks in various ways. His main attack is to fire a sweeping beam, similar to a Tank Minion. He also attacks by turning his hands into large hammers and attempting to crush the heroes. Spog can rain down timed bombs, which can be grabbed with the Vac-U and shot back at him for damage. After enough of a beating, Spog will fly off to another part of the arena.

In this round, Spog's attacks remain unchanged. The only difference this time is that after enough damage, Spog will fly off, summoning Bouncers to attack. The quickest way to deal with them is with the criiter strike. After damaging Spog enough times, he will fly off for the final time.

In this round, Spog now attacks with two sweeping beams. His other attacks remain unchanged, except for the addition of a new attack where he fires saw blades that home in on the heroes. Just dodge Spog's attacks and fire until he's defeated.


  • Commander Spog's design somewhat changed from first appearances. In the first All 4 One trailers, his armor was fully orange, resembling that of the Bouncer Minions. Currently, his armor is now darker with blue, shiny components.
  • When Spog's voice modulator is damaged, he will say a phrase in backwards. If you reverse his phrase, you will hear "The end is coming, the spirits of Toranux will have their vengeance."



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