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The Spiderbot Glove is a MegaCorp manufactured weapon in Going Commando. It is a wrist-mounted weapon which launches a four-legged spider that could be remotely controlled, climb walls and self-destruct to damage enemies.

The Spiderbot Glove can be obtained from a vendor once the player reaches Joba. With use, it can be upgraded to the Tankbot Glove, which has a turret on its back to damage enemies. In challenge mode, the Tankbot Glove can be upgraded to the Mega Tankbot Glove for 375,000 bolts from any MegaCorp vendor, and in turn to the Ultra Tankbot Glove with use.

The Spiderbot Glove was required to obtain platinum bolts on Dobbo and Todano, as it had to be used to enter small vents.


The Spiderbot Glove itself is a green, wrist mounted weapon, with several tubes attached. It contains a screen on the back, presumably from which Ratchet controls the Spiderbot. The Tankbot Glove is identical, with a gold and red finish rather than a green finish.

The Spiderbot launched is a very small silver robot with four spider legs that moves slowly. The Tankbot is a red spider with a large turret on its back that automatically targets enemies.


The Spiderbot Glove launches a spider which can be controlled by the player, unless Ratchet takes a hit. It is an extremely niche weapon, with the sole utility in combat being to send a Spiderbot out to a different room and damage enemies before the player enters. The Spiderbot Glove is generally outclassed by the Pulse Rifle which deals greater damage and more quickly, and can target enemies higher up on ledges - the only advantage the Spiderbot has is being usable from a different room entirely. As the Visibomb Gun has become weaker in Going Commando, it is slightly more useful to fill the role of remote-controlled weapon, but still cannot reach enemies from further distances quickly or on higher ledges.

While the Tankbot is much more useful, it suffers from the same issue as the Spiderbot Glove in being an extremely niche weapon that only serves a single role. It can be modified with the acid mod to deal more damage, though as its use is extremely niche, the player should prioritise other mods over it.

The Spiderbot Glove's greatest use is not in combat. It is most useful for obtaining platinum bolts, of which two require the Spiderbot to obtain.

Behind the scenes

The Spiderbot's model is reused from Ratchet & Clank, with its model being the same one used for the robotic spiders with lasers from their backs in the underwater areas of Quartu and Drek's fleet as hazards.