Obani Gemini, a spherical world

Spherical worlds were tiny planets or moons which were small enough to be circumnavigated.

Spherical world

A spherical world in A Crack in Time

Projectiles which were normally fired in a straight line were fired following the curve of the world's gravity in a spherical world. In Up Your Arsenal they could be fired in a straight line while being in first person look-around mode and in lock-strafe and third person camera modes.

Pressing the SELECT button or R3 freely rotated the planet while moving the right analog stick rotated it on an axis.

Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time

Spherical worlds reappeared in A Crack in Time via the new space gameplay exploration.[1] Ratchet could land the Aphelion on a spherical world, when nearing a landing platform. Landing platforms had a blue wave pulsing from them. They were the main place to find collectible Zoni.

The spherical worlds were grouped together and each group had its own "depot", where Ratchet could meet a Junk Trader and buy upgrades from him, or request missions.


Spherical worlds


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