Space Radio was what Ratchet listened to while exploring outer space during his search for Clank. Ratchet could listen to Jazz, Pirate, Electronical music and even Classical music.[1]


Space radio had four different radio stations. The four stations were: House of Synth hosted by DJ Discobot (electronica music), Pirate Radio hosted by DJs Rusty Pete and Captain Slag (pirate news and Rock music), Polaris Classical (original classical music and various orchestrated themes from the series' archives) and Deep Space Jams (big band/jazz music).

News reports

News updates often were covered after Ratchet completed a planet in the storyline. They also answered some of the biggest questions asked by many Ratchet & Clank fans.

The news bulletins had Pepper Fairbanks and Kip Darling as the anchors.

Space radio advertisements


  • You could change stations by using the D-pad, sort of like a radio dial.
  • In between main programming, there would be call-in shows, movie trailers and news reports featuring various characters from the entire series. Some notable intermissions included advertisements for Qwark's new Holo-Film My Blaster Runs Hot (featuring Captain Slag as the villain who be evil for no particular reason and another advertisement for a refurbished Big Al's Roboshack and Video Game Emporium.


Notes and references

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