The Galactic Government was the governing body of most of the Solana Galaxy. It ruled most of the Galaxy except for the region known as the Shadow Sector. It was based in the Capital City on the planet Marcadia. Nevertheless it had remained the primary seat of power in the majority of the Galaxy throughout the series. It appeared to be a democracy and the bulk of its members beloned to the Cazar species, who were renowned for their strong political leaders


The Galactic Government was headed by the Galactic President, the most recent of whom, was President Phyronix. The president was elected by the citizens of the galaxy. The President resided in his compound in the Capital City. Another branch of the government is the Galactic Court which handled major legal issues such as Captain Qwark's Personal Hygenator scandal and Minton Incorporated's lawsuit with Gadgetron. The galactic prison was a planet-wide complex on the aptly named  Prison Planet. The Galactic Treasury was based in Fort Sprocket in the Bolt Foundry. The Government also controlled the Agency, an intelligence-gathering spy group.


The Galactic Government's military was comprised of the Galactic Rangers and the Galactic Fleet. The only known vessel in the Galactic Fleet was the Starship Pheonix (it's flagship), led by Captain Sasha Phyronix. Ratchet also acted as the seargent of the Galactic Rangers. During the war with Nefarious, the Q-Force was formed under the order of President Phyronix with Qwark being made commander of the entire military.

ExtermiBots were also given to Blackwater City Administration to use to protect against Amoeboid invasions.

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