Dan the snowman

Snow Dan was a mysterious snowman who appeared in both Solana and Bogon galaxies. He was perhaps best known for appearing as a mysterious snowman on Siberius and on the Thrann Asteroid, although his head also appeared on a computer screen at the Blarg Tactical Research Station. He was also seen on cereal boxes on Allgon City in Damosel, on blue mushrooms in Novalis. Notably, there was also a planet named Dantopia in the Bogon Galaxy, home to an equally mysterious Insomniac Museum.

In the Polaris Galaxy, there was a purchasable 'skin' of famous 'DJ Bunky' named Dan Johnson.

Skill points

You can easily break the Snow Dan for the skill points You can break a Snow Dan and Break the Dan on both Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando and Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal respectively.

Behind the scenes

  • Snow Dan was a reference to former Insomniac Games employee Dan Johnson, who had worked with the company for many years. As an inside joke, Insomniac Games always hid cameos of Dan in their games, starting with Spyro 2. He moved to High Impact Games along with many other Insomniac Games employees, but he sadly passed away during the production of Size Matters. The game featured a tribute to him at the end of the credits, as well as Tools of Destruction being dedicated to his memory.