Snivelak was a hot, lava-filled planet that was the homeworld of the Thugs. It was also where the Thugs-4-Less Headquarters were located. The HQ was much like a small city, bought with all the money earned from their "hit" jobs. It was there that the Thugs-4-Less Leader attempted to terminate Ratchet and Clank for the last time. The battle left the Leader presumed dead; however, during Ratchet's spell in prison it was revealed that he survived.

Characters on SnivelakEdit

Snivelak Thugs

The Thugs-4-Less Headquarters


Ratchet Snivelak Gravity

Ratchet using the Gravity Boots on Snivelak


  • Snivelak was the birthplace of both the Thug Leader and Chainblade, the former was the founder of Thugs-4-Less while the latter was one of Bogon Galaxy's most fiercest gladiators, along with the B2 Brawler, the Arachnoid, and Megapede.