We're just a couple of humble smugglers, unfairly hunted and persecuted wherever we go!
―The Smuggler  [ToD]

The Smuggler is a runner of illegal black market goods, a thief and a hunter across the Polaris Galaxy. His chief companion was a parrot, whom participated in most of his "business" operations, and the duo rarely acted alone. He would work with just about anybody in return for a fee, which typically consisted of bolts, Leviathan Souls and other high value items.


Early History

According to Smuggler, he was merely a …"humble smuggler…" whom was persecuted wherever he went, which included at time Imperial Spies working for Emperor Percival Tachyon.

On one occasion, he played a game of Blargian Roulette with the dreaded Space Pirate captain, Romulus Slag. Romulus Slag wagered a Parrot while the Smuggler wagered his one good eye, fortunately for the Smuggler, he ended up winning the game. This Parrot would later become the Smuggler's closet friend, and together they worked on "business operations" throughout the Polaris Galaxy.

At some point during this period, the Smuggler had purchased a modified Gyro-Cycle from a Lombax in the Vorox Nebula.

Running Low

Don't you lay this on me, you worthless sack of Kerchu sweet! You were supposed to watch the Gel Gauge!
―Smuggler  [ToD]
AWK! Blame the Parrot! Always blame the Parrot!
Smuggler's parrot  [ToD]

The Smuggler and his Parrot during this time were running several Bolt Crates and GrummelNet Ammo Crates to Stratus City on planet Kortog. Unfortunately for the Smuggler, the Parrot had forgotten to check the ship's Gel Gauge, and it soon became apparent to the Smuggler that they would need to fill up on Gelatonium if they ever hoped to reach Kortog. The Smuggler promptly set course for the nearest available planet, Cobalia. Cobalia was the Gel Capital of the Polaris Galaxy, and the Smuggler hoped to refill his ship at the Cobalia Spaceport, which contained the Cobalia Gelatonium Plant.

As misfortune would have it, the Cobalia Gelatonium Plant had been shut down by Emperor Tachyon around this time after Ratchet and Clank had crashed a stolen Imperial Cruiser into the planet, and Tachyon did not want the Lombax to escape his clutches yet again. Furious that he was stranded on the planet, the Smuggler promptly blamed the Parrot for their situation, causing the Parrot to exclaim that he was always the one that got blamed for these kinds of problems.


The Smuggler and his Parrot first meeting Ratchet and Clank on Cobalia

Around this time, Ratchet and Clank arrived, and Clank inquired about the matter the two were discussing. The Parrot turned to face Ratchet and Clank, and exclaimed they were Imperial Spies, and telling the Smuggler they would need to kill them and hide their bodies. The Smuggler sheepishly turned around, excusing the Parrot's remarks. The Smuggler declared he and his parrot were …"humble smugglers…" that were hunted and persecuted wherever they went. The Smuggler remarked to the newcomers that the local Gelatonium Plant had been shut down by the Imperials, claiming the Imperial Army was looking for someone. Ratchet claimed both he and Clank were also stranded on the planet too after "their" ship had crashed, causing the Parrot insist they kill Ratchet and Clank and sell their kidneys. Seeing an opportunity to get off this planet, the Smuggler decided to make a deal with Ratchet and Clank, claiming he would give them a ride off this planet if they could somehow reactivate the Gelatonium Plant. The Smuggler then pulled out a Gelanator (a GrummelNet device sold exclusively to the Gelatonium Mining Workers Union, which the Smuggler had somehow obtained illegally) and threw it to Ratchet, insisting they would need it to reactivate the plant.

Next Stop: Stratus City

Now I can take yaw'l as far as Stratus City.
―Smuggler  [ToD]

Ratchet and Clank were able to reactivate the plant, and the Smuggler was promptly able to refill his ship full of Gelatonium. The Smuggler offered the two heroes a trip to Stratus City, and both they both accepted the deal offered up by the Smuggler. They also inquired about Emperor Tachyon, the planet they were on, and Leviathan Souls, which they trade with the Smuggler for bolts. After some chit chat, Ratchet and Clank were ready to leave the planet.

Trouble Over Stratus City

Sir, if you jettison the excess cargo… you could increase your speed and avoid capture.
Clank  [ToD]
I couldn't agree more…
―Smuggler  [ToD]

The Smuggler and his passengers promptly left Cobalia and headed for planet Kortog in an another area of the Cerullean Sector. They later entered Kortog's atmosphere, and Ratchet inquired about Tachyon's control of the Polaris Galaxy while they neared Stratus City. The Smuggler informed Ratchet that Tachyon basically owned the entire galaxy, claiming it was quite ironic that "they" failed to kill off one measly Cragmite (Tachyon) that would later oppress said galaxy. Clank inquired who "they" was, causing the Smuggler to turn around in disbelief from the ship's cockpit. The Smuggler asked if Clank was joking, but the Smuggler realized Clank really didn't know, so the Smuggler revealed that "they" was the Lombaxes. The Smuggler recalled that the Lombaxes had vaporized Cragmites left to right during the Great War, and transforming the Cragmite homeworld, Reepor, into nothing but an empty hunk of dirt. The Parrot added to the Smuggler's retelling of history by exclaiming that the Lombaxes were the saviors of the universe for their actions in the Great War.

No more than mere seconds after the Parrot said this, the Smuggler picked up a transmission from the Tachyon Robot. The computer warned the Smuggler that a Bioscan had detected a Lombax lifeform, and demanded they standby while they and their ship were vaporized by the cities defenses. Realizing they were in trouble, the Smuggler looked toward the back of ship at Ratchet, with his Parrot claiming that Lombaxes were nothing but trouble. Clank declared that the Smuggler could jettison some of the excess cargo, allowing the Smuggler to evade the cities defenses. The Smuggler wryly agreed, and promptly ejected Ratchet and Clank along with several crates, allowing the Smuggler's ship to flee Kortog as a fleet of Imperial Cruisers arrived to bombard Stratus City.

Nundac Asteroid Ring

And why should we trust you? You ejected us into space!
Ratchet  [ToD]
Apologies, my friend!
―Smuggler  [ToD]

Following his escape from Kortog, the Smuggler was contacted by several Space Pirates from planet Ardolis, who required the Smuggler's service in collecting some Leviathan Souls, offering bolts in exchange. The Smuggler promptly traveled to the Nundac Asteroid Ring to hunt for some Basilisk Leviathans so that he could extract their souls.

Before he could begin his hunt with his Parrot, he soon heard the sound of Ratchet and Clank, who had managed to flee from the Imperial Army and the Imperial Defense Force back on Stratus City, and were currently looking for clues about the Lombax Secret. The Smuggler realized they were attempting to activate an Escape Pod to travel into the Apogee Space Station, but they were unable to get it to launch without the launch codes. The Smuggler revealed himself to Ratchet and Clank, and warned them the station was owned by someone who did not take kindly to strangers. Ratchet angrily replied why he and Clank should trust him, since the Smuggler had ejected them from his ship. The Smuggler calming apologized for his actions, and offered to "make it up" by having Ratchet and Clank collect some Leviathan Souls, in return, the Smuggler would give them the launch codes for the Escape Pod. The Parrot squawked the duo had a death wish, but seeing they had no other option to access the station, agreed to help the Smuggler.

After they had collected enough Leviathan Souls (including enough to obtain more bolts) the Smuggler gave the duo the launch codes. Ratchet also inquired about the Cragmites and the Apogee Space Station before he and Clank flew the Escape Pod toward the moon base.

Rykan V

Well hey there, friend You picked a dangerous time to be visiting Rykan V.
―Smuggler  [ToD]

The Smuggler later continued his search for Leviathan Souls on planet Rykan V, which was a major breeding ground for Basilisk Leviathans. Much to his annoyance, Imperial Forces had squared off said creatures and closed down the Rykan V Spaceport during their search of the planet for signs of previous Lombax activity. The Smuggler once again met Ratchet and Clank, whom were attempting to find a way into the Lava Refinery so that they could find the Lombax Secret before Imperial Forces found it first. The Smuggler offered them a modified Gyro-Cycle to travel within the refinery in return for some bolts. Ratchet and Clank agreed, and they quickly made the trade.

Outpost L51

Ohh, hey there friend!
―Smuggler  [ToD]
Smuggler on Sargasso

The Smuggler contemplates over giving the Decrypter to Ratchet

Following his trade with Ratchet and Clank, the Smuggler was contacted by the Kerchu, who needed his services at Outpost L51, located on the remote world of Sargasso. The Kerchu had run into some problems around their Gelatonium Plants regarding a Tumfoid infestation, and wanted the Smuggler to smuggle in some Fossermites to scare them away. The Smuggler promptly traveled to Sargasso with a load of Fossermites.

During his "business" operation on Sargasso, the Smuggler once again met Ratchet and Clank, who were searching Sargasso for a Lombax testing facility used by the Lombaxes to test weapons, such as the Dimensionator and Alpha Disruptor. The Smuggler realized they wanted to use a Launch Pad, but the Gelatonium fuel source had been locked from the rest of the pad. The Smuggler stated they needed a Decrypter to unlock the fuel source for the pad. The Smuggler was hesitant to give away though, causing Ratchet to guess the Smuggler wanted more Leviathan Souls, causing the Parrot to exclaimed Ratchet was a "wiseguy."

Ratchet and Clank were later able to obtain enough Leviathan Souls for the Decrypter (as well as additional bolts) from the local Grunthors. The Smuggler promptly gave them the Decryptor, and Ratchet inquired about why the Smuggler was on Sargasso and whatnot. Ratchet also asked the Smuggler about several Holo-Plans he had found, which the Smuggler realized belonged to a top secret Gadgetron weapon known as the RYNO IV, a weapon that was not supposed to exist. The Smuggler offered to build this highly destructive weapon for Ratchet if he allowed him to keep the Holo-Plans. Ratchet would later find all the plans, and the Smuggler kept his word by building the weapon in return for the plans.

"Sightseeing" on Merdegraw

When's that poor excuse for a mayor gonna do something about this vandal. He took my VG-9000 game system, my Ace Hardlight Action Figure, even my Courtney Gears Holiday Album
Hoolefoid  [QfB]

Months after Clank's kidnapping by the Zoni (thanks to Nefarious), the Smuggler and his Parrot meanwhile were up to trouble on Merdegraw. During the same night Ratchet and Talwyn Apogee were looking for a Space Pirate by the name of Angstrom Darkwater, the Smuggler vandalized around Hoolefar Island. The Smuggler disabled the islands Supply Beacon by removing a GrummelNet VersaBolt with a Crowbar from the Power Coupling and vandalized all the Wind Turbines on the island as well. The Smuggler also stole an Ace Hardlight Action Figure, a VG-9000 Game System and a Courtney Gears Holiday Album from a Hoolefoid. Most of the Hoolefoids suspected the Smuggler was behind the vandalizations across the island, and many were annoyed that Mayor Barnabus Worley had not done anything to stop him. His business on Merdegraw apparently involved the Space Pirates, as several Hoolefoids noted he was always seen around them, although he was also lying low to avoid the attention of galactic authorities as well.

Ratchet later met the Smuggler, who commented how small the galaxy was given the chances they would meet again, causing the Parrot to exclaim the galaxy was too small. The Smuggler claimed he was relaxing on Merdegraw, but the Parrot revealed they were actually lying low from the law. The Smuggler told Ratchet that if he need anything, he would aid him in return for some bolts.

Later on, Ratchet attempted to obtain a GrummelNet VersaBolt from the Smuggler who "just happened" to be selling one on the beach (which was in reality the same bolt that was stolen in the first place). He claimed he had legally obtained it, but the Parrot revealed he had obtained it with a Crowbar. Ratchet promptly paid 10,000 bolts therefor so that he could give it to the Beacon Operator to fix the Power Coupling for the Supply Beacon.

Azorean Sea

Ratchet and the Smuggler on a pirate ship in the Azorean sea

Ratchet encountered the Smuggler on Merdegraw in Quest for Booty, who sold him a bolt crank component, took him to Darkwater Cove (for a fee, of course), returned Ratchet's missing Predator Launcher and Nano-Swarmers, and sold the Alpha Disruptor back to him.

A Crack in Time

Char 87860 thumb

The Smuggler prepares to give Ratchet the newly completed Gadgetron RYNO V

The Smuggler also appeared in A Crack in Time, where he gave side quests to Ratchet once he had been found in space. Ratchet could also give him the Holo-Plans for the RYNO V, the most powerful weapon in the game. If Ratchet gave him the full holo-plan, he would build the weapon for Ratchet, of course keeping the plans for his own use afterwards.

All 4 One

The Smuggler was mentioned in All 4 One. After A Crack in Time, he went to planet Magnus at one point and sold the RYNO V plans to Dr. Croid, who modified it and built the RYNO VI.
Smuggler Before the Nexus

The Plumber in a communication to Ratchet

Into the Nexus

Jess Harnell

Jess Harnell, the voice of the Smuggler

The Smuggler met Ratchet and Clank on planet Thram in the Zarkov Sector. He agreed to give Ratchet hoverboots if he gave him 10 Gargathon horns. While searching for the horns, Clank believes that the hoverboots the Smuggler have belonged to Ratchet in the first place and Ratchet unsurprisingly believed this claim. After getting the hoverboots, he gave Ratchet and Clank a part needee to repair a jetpack station and a key to the Nebulox Vault in exchange for more horns while also giving additional bolts. He also paid Ratchet for finding his missing parrot.


Ratchet & Clank: Before the Nexus

As Ratchet pursued Vendra and Neftin Prog who had kidnapped Fleebar Snuttleblast, the Smuggler provided assistance by giving him advice in a communication.[1]

Behind the scenes

The Smuggler was voiced by Jess Harnell.



The Smuggler's ship

QForce skin - The Smuggler

The Smuggler skin on the red team in Full Frontal Assault

  • For an unknown reason the Smuggler appeared smaller in A Crack in Time than in Tools of Destruction. It is possible that Insomniac Games wanted to make him a more "realistic" size compared to Ratchet.
  • Although his species has not been confirmed, his species' oddly resembles a bipedal, blue bovine.
  • Even more ironic, The Smuggler's ship resembles a dairy truck.
  • He once won a Blargian Roulette game against Captain Slag for the little red parrot he had (he claims it almost cost him his one good eye).
  • The Smuggler actually has both of his eyes. He lifts his eyepatch in Tools of Destruction, and his eyepatch is occasionally seen on the other eye.
  • The Smuggler's real name has never been revealed.
  • It is likely that the Lombax whom he bought the gyrocycle from was Ratchet's father, Kaden, given that he said that Ratchet looked just like him.



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