Smolg was a large poisonous planet, due to Abercrombie Fizzwidget's meddling in MegaCorp. Many of the creatures living on Smolg were mutated and the few that were not were forced to hide in the Smolg Distribution Facility. The planet was covered in clouds and all of the facilities and settlements were situated on massive high-altitude platforms, as there was no accessible surface. Large freighter vessels flew in and out the facilities everyday. The facility stocked, according to the Thugs-4-Less Leader, 10 million crates, each one containing 100 Protopets (for a grand total of 1 billion Protopets). The base was defended MegaCorp Robot Guards and hungry mutant wildlife.

At some point Ephemeris raided Smolg for creatures to be used as bodies for the Loki.

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  • Many players mistake Smolg for a gas giant instead of a terrestrial planet due to the apparent lack of surface; however, as seen during Ratchet and Clank's approach, it is indeed a planet.
    • Another clue is the fact that when falling, the bottom looks like the one of other planets, such as Barlow, some platforms are also affixed to the ground by pillars.


The name "Smolg" is a play on smog, the cloudy weather in cities, which is usually harmful.

Distribution Facility

The Smolg Distribution Facility on planet Smolg


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