Slot machine Maktar Resort

A slot machine at the Maktar Resort

Slot machines were casino gambling machines with three reels that worked by hitting them with a wrench. Ratchet used ten bolts every time he used it. When in use, the reels of the machine started to spin until it eventually stopped. With a jackpot, the player gained a skill point. These machines appeared in Going Commando at Maktar Resort and in Up Your Arsenal at Holostar Studios.


The machines had five different prizes:

  • 3 bolts - Various amounts of bolts
  • 3 Ammunition boxes - Ammunition box
  • 3 Nano-Orbs - Nanohealth Orb
  • 3 Explosive crates - The slot machine exploding
  • 3 Bars - Jackpot (300 bolts)