Slim Cognito

Slim Cognito is a mysterious arms dealer who assembles the RYNO superweapon on planet Rilgar and gives it to Ratchet in exchange for all three sets of RYNO Holocards, consisting of nine cards in total.


Ratchet & Clank (PS4)

After clearing out the Amoeboid pest on planet Rilgar, Ratchet captured the eye of the myeterious dealer, who requested Ratchet to meet him.

After narrowly surviving the journey through the sewers, Ratchet and Clank met Slim Cognito. Slim asked Ratchet if he had any RYNO Holocards on him. Ratchet, confused, had no idea what a RYNO was. Slim explained, telling Ratchet and Clank that the Gadgetron Corporation had split up the plans and printed them on different cards.

Slim offered them an opportuunity to find the cards, and he gave them a starting hand, giving them the Trespasser, a powerful tool used to hack doors.

After successfully finding all the RYNO Holocards, Ratchet and Clank traveled back to planet Rilgar, where Slim assembled the RYNO for them.

He offers them an opportunity to find them and in order to help Ratchet find the Holocards, Slim gives provides him with a Trespasser. After successfully finding all the Holocards, Ratchet and Clank travel back to Rilgar where there Slim assembles the RYNO for him.

Ratchet and Slim

Slim and Ratchet, with the RYNO

In Challenge Mode, given Ratchet already has the RYNO, Slim will notice that Ratchet has a RYNO and therefore mistake him for a celebrity. He will tell Ratchet that he will receive a Trespasser if he will take a picture with him. Ratchet will think that this is an odd request but accept it nonetheless.



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