It was mating season, how was I supposed to know she was your sister?
Qwark in conversation with Skrunch at the Zeldrin Starport  [UYA]

Skrunch, a Cyclophic Monkey, was Captain Qwark's monkey sidekick and a member of the Q-Force. He was from the Florana jungle and later became Vice President Skrunch under the leadership of Galactic President Qwark of the Polaris Galaxy.


Up Your Arsenal

He was introduced in Up Your Arsenal when Ratchet and Clank found the monkey in the forest while searching for a lost hero in the hopes of him assistaning in the fight against Nefarious. The hero who once defeated Nefarious was revealed to be Qwark whom losted his memory and subsequently thought he was the leader of a jungle tribe. Skrunch also had a sister in the forest who, apparently, "mated" with Qwark. After helping Qwark regain his memory, he was put in the Q-Force by Qwark and provided help to Clank in exchange for bananas using the BGAMD and beat Big Al in the promotion to the Starship Phoenix's Chief Science Officer, described as the best primate for the job. While on Tyhrranosis, Ratchet used the Turbo Slider with Skrunch controlling the vehicle's gun. And later while filming an episode at Holostar Studios, Skrunch was featured in Secret Agent Clank (show) as Ratchet's replacement in the Terror of Talos. In the end, he was seen at the Secret Agent Clank premiere where he was featured in the Secret Agent Clank film in which Clank fired the BGAMD at Maximillian and Skrunch jumped into his helicopter, causing him to lose control and fall to his death. Skrunch was also featured as a skin in multiplayer.


Epilogue - Qwark and Skrunch

Skrunch watching holovision with Qwark

Skrunch appeared in the epilogue of Deadlocked, where it was revealed that he was still living in blissful ignorance with Qwark.

Tools of Destruction

In Tools of Destruction it was revealed that he attended the Kerwan school of quantum mechanics in Metropolis.

All 4 One

A4OQwark 1

Skrunch's portrait on Qwark's desk (right)

In Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One, a picture of Skrunch was on Qwark's desk and he was mentioned to be the new Vice President of the Polaris Galaxy. It is safe to assume that Skrunch left office after Qwark did the same.

Other side stories and events

Size Matters

Size Matters takes place soon after Up Your Arsenal and before Deadlocked.
Its events are ambiguously canon.
Skrunch's ship

Skrunch's ship

Skrunch was an important secondary character in Size Matters When Clank was on Metalis, Skrunch arrived in his custom ship in order to inform Clank of Ratchet's location. Skrunch appeared in the Dreamtime while Ratchet was under going surgery his dream began with an evil, bloodthirsty Qwark as a doctor operating on Ratchet with Skrunch as his nurse. Lastly, Skrunch appeared at the game's climax to reveal the fate of Qwark's parents, and then when Qwark attempted his revenge on Otto destruct, Skrunch's mind was swapped with Emperor Otto Destruct's, causing Skrunch to be a highly intelligent Cyclophic Monkey. In turn, Otto Destruct received a monkey mind, thus defeating him.

Other appearances

Full Frontal Assault

Skrunch appears in Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault as a multiplayer skin.




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